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Traveling Woman Shawl, Take 2

I feel like 2010 was the year of the shawl. After all, I knit 6 of them and, while some were great feats, most were simple triangular shawls. That’s probably because they are my favorite type of shawl to knit and to wear. They just make such a perfect little accessory to a boring blouse or plain sweater. You can throw one on over your coat for a pop of color and some extra warmth or you can wear it instead of a coat when the weather warm is simply chilly. Versatile is the operative word here.

The last finished shawl of 2010 was the Traveling Woman Shawl. I knit it from 11/26 to 12/10 and then tossed it into the knitting basket and promptly forgot all about it. I think I was scared to block it because I knit this exact same pattern last December and it unraveled when I blocked it. Yup. There’s nothing quite like pulling out a point to pin it and having the whole thing start coming un-done. It’s a scary moment and I was so disgusted that I picked up the whole thing and threw it in the trash. Yes I did. Don’t judge me.

Anyway, that had never happened before and I think I was afraid to block this one for fear of it happening again. I needn’t have worried.

It blocked out beautifully and I’ve already worn it once.

The yarn is String Theory Hand Dyed Caper Sock Yarn in the color Scarlet. I love how the pinks and roses and purples all blend together.

And truly, the feeling of accomplishment is all that much sweeter the second time around.

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  1. When I looked at this shawl I started to swoon. Traveling Women is in my queue this year as I try to deplete some stash, but it was more than that. The yarn is one of my favorites. I’ve knit quite a bit with Caper Sock from String Theory. Actually, it is my downfall as we have a house in Blue Hill, Me. where the shop is located. Such temptation!!

  2. So pretty. I knit that pattern in a very similar colorway of Dream in Color Starry for a silent auction contribution – such a satisfying quick knit!

  3. Beautiful! What a horrifying experience. Glad the blocking the second time around was successful.

  4. Lovely! I’m glad this one cooperated. I’ve done the same thing with weaving projects that were uncooperative – scissors come out and it’s cut off the loom, spit-spot (as Mary Poppins would say).

  5. Ok, next time that happens (not that I think it will) send the shawl to me.
    This time around the shawl is gorgeous and you’re so right about the color. The way the tones and shades blend are lovely, soft and perfect. Nice work on knitting and blocking. Your photos show off your work beautifully.

  6. LOVE the colors! They are a beacon to spring. You are a strong-willed woman to knit another shawl after the heartbreaking blocking episode. What a terrific lesson in perseverance!

  7. I think my heart stopped at your blocking nightmare story… I’m so glad that the second one came out.

    I am absolutely in LOVE with the calvacade of shawls made with sock yarn that has been coming out lately!! I want to knit them ALL!

  8. Very pretty shawl Carole. You know – I think if that had happened to me, I would have thrown it in the trash as well. I might have even burned it out of aggravation.

    I think shawls are my favorite – they are fun to make and so versatile.

  9. It is a perfect match of yarn and pattern. No judging here, I have done the very same thing for different reasons.
    P.S.Belated congratulations to Hannah on a successful first semester.

  10. ha! i love that you threw out the first shawl! that is exactly what i would have done, cursing it all the way to the trash bin!

    this one is gorgeous, so work it lady!

  11. Gorgeous … and it looks almost identical in colors to the one I knit in Raspberry Smoothie (that you gifted to me)! Love it! I want to start a shawl 🙂

  12. That is so weird, I can’t imagine why that would happen! I love this new shawl though, I’m going to have to check out the specs…

  13. That unraveling thing is awful — a knitter’s worst nightmare! Did you blog about it at the time? The new shawl is lovely, though. Makes up for it.

  14. Gorgeous! And that other thing that happened? OMG, I’d have been tearing my hair out. Besides, if it was wool, it’s not like you could have burned it in a fit of pique. I’d just focus on the beauty of this one if I was you.

  15. Having the first shawl unravel must’ve been awful but I’m shocked that you threw it away. Not in love with the yarn maybe? Anyway, this version is lovely. I see what you mean about the colors. i really, really, love yarns that blend the colors nicely. It makes such a difference!

  16. That is just beautiful. It is the perfect mix of color and pattern. I have that pattern in my queue…might have to move it up the line.

  17. Lovely shawl and I’m not judging at all! I’m sure I would have done the same thing.

    Ever think of doing round lace? Niebling perhaps? 😀

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