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Ten On Tuesday

I have to admit that sometimes I struggle to come up with topics for this whole  Ten on Tuesday thing.  It’s not easy to keep it positive, keep it simple and keep it interesting! That said, I’m hoping this week’s topic, 10 Favorite Non-Knitting  Blogs, is a winner. I think it will be because I think, while we all read lots of knitting blogs, that we are all also reading other types of blogs and I’d love to know what they all are.  Here are mine:

  1. The Pioneer Woman. She’s probably going to be at the top of  a lot of lists today but that’s for good reason – she’s funny, she’s interesting, and she’s a great cook. I started reading her when Norma linked to her French Breakfast Puffs and I haven’t stopped since.
  2. The World Needs More Pie. I love pie and this is a great blog about a woman who is starting her life over (by baking pie) after the unexpected death of her husband. Plus, she lives in the American Gothic house. Very cool.
  3. Stuff White People Like. Irreverent, yes, but oh so funny.
  4. With apologies to my conservative friends (what? I have a few!), Margaret and Helen. I kind of doubt it’s actually written by two old ladies named Margaret and Helen but the political commentary is spot on.
  5. This Is Reverb. A little photography, a little cooking, a little religion, plus a beautiful wife and some adorable kids – with another on the way – makes this a very readable blog.
  6. Historical Digression. My friend Patrick writes this one and sometimes the historical stuff is over my head but he’s a good writer and I’ve learned a lot of local history from him.
  7. Blue Mass Group. More politics but this time with a Massachusetts (i.e. liberal) spin.
  8. Bake at 350. I dream of making cookies as beautiful as hers. Dream being the key word here.
  9. I got to keep up on my Jimmy, you know.
  10. I’ve only recently started reading photography blogs and some of them are just too technical but this one is very enjoyable and inspiring.

I can’t wait to read about what you all are reading! Be sure and add your entry to the list blogs participating this week.

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  1. As usual I’m too lame to do an actual post, but a few I like are Pioneer Woman (although sometimes… well), Corporette, Simply Recipes, Dinner – A Love Story, Above the Law, my friend Karen’s blog Fresh Family Food, my friend Becky’s blog A Book A Week, and both Well and Motherlode from the New York Times.

    Wow – that’s 9, and I know if I thought I’d come up with more.

    I do wonder at those people who still look at me blankly and say “I’ve never looked at a blog.”


  2. You never know when you might meet the person whose blog you read,
    here are some of my favorites:
    Crazy Aunt Purl
    Now Norma Knits
    for the love of a house
    The pleated poppy
    We live where we are

  3. Thanks for the links! I really enjoy Pioneer Woman as well. I also like,,,,, and some gluten free blogs. But actually, I only read three or four total daily. Your’s is the first I go to each day!

  4. I don’t know how I forgot Pioneer Woman from my list. If I had swapped in Pioneer and one more cooking blog, then I could have had all cooking blogs all the time!

  5. Great choice for today. I am sure tonight I will add more blogs to my reading list. The Pioneer Woman seems to top them all. I love Charlie and her photography of horses. What a talented lady.
    Thanks Carole for coming up with these ideas.

  6. This is a wonderful topic. I can not wait to see what people post. Sometimes I go through my list on google reader and wonder how I ever got to some of those places. One of my favorites is cool tools Not everything is something I need or want, but I have made some finds. It is also a great place for finding gifts for those hard to buy for folks.

  7. I love to read Pioneer Woman but how I wish there was a blog as fun to read that had healthy food in it – she may be kidding when she talks about her food promising a visit to the cardiologist, but I’d need one if I ate like that. Among knitting blogs I love Mason-Dixon. There is a fun read by the jeweler Kate McKinnon, that you might like. She is a pretty good photographer and a liberal who will share her opinion on anything.

  8. Great idea today Carole!! I love finding new blogs….but now I will spend more time reading them instead of doing housework!
    Love Ten on Tuesday

  9. There is pie in my future! I live in Bettendorf, IA, and Eldon is only about 130 miles away from me. Who knew? I certainly hope she bakes peach—that is my favorite. Do you suppose she is a knitter?

  10. Sorry I missed this Ten on Tuesday. I read PW, too, mostly for the pictures of the pets and horses. Sometimes her neurosis gets a little intense for me. LOL! Margaret and Helen are priceless – and I think there really IS a Margaret and Helen. Love everything they write.

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