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Ten On Tuesday

My annual Grrl’s Weekend, affectionately called SPA, is coming up this weekend. This week’s topic, 10 Favorite Cocktails (or mocktails for those so inclined) was definitely inspired by the thought of hanging with my best knitting and spinning friends, sipping cocktails, and relaxing.

  1. My favorite of all cocktails is a Dirty Grey Goose Martini. I read about this drink in a novel years ago and knew I had to try it. I haven’t looked back since.
  2. Cosmopolitan. Sex and the City made it famous for a good reason.
  3. Along those same lines, I love a good Pomtini. Switch out the cranberry juice in the Cosmo for pomegranate juice and you’ve got yourself a delicious alternative. With antioxidants.
  4. Pass me a Margarita. Lots of tequila and not a lot of ice, that’s how I roll.
  5. How about a Mai Tai? It’s especially delicious with sushi.
  6. Malibu Rum and Pineapple Juice. I also add a splash of cranberry juice and orange juice. My stepdaughter Jessica, and I always drink these on our summer vacation on Cape Cod.
  7. Whiskey Sour. This is my go-to drink if I go to a band job with Dale and it’s at a VFW. They don’t make great Cosmos or Martinis there but they can rock the Whiskey Sour.
  8. Bloody Mary. I like mine with a lot of celery and some shrimp, too. Breakfast of champions, my friends.
  9. Spicy Lover. I had this in Vegas and I loved it so I came home and figured out how to make it. I haven’t had one in a while, though, and I’m having a crrrrrrraving.
  10. Mojito. I have mint growing in my herb garden and there’s nothing better than sipping a yummy mojito on the deck on a hot summer afternoon.

It’s slightly embarassing how easy it was to write this list. Everything in moderation, though, and it’s all good.

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  1. Cannot WAIT to get up there this weekend! Are you at the Hilton Garden again? We moved there from the Harraseeket this year, so hopefully I’ll see more of you!

  2. It all sounds de-lish, however, with the current temps, I’m thinking Irish coffee! Has SPA overlapped with the Oscars??

  3. I’m a big fan of the pomtini, lemontini, saltless ontherocks margarita, even a jalapeno margarita, but a shot of Irish whiskey is my favorite way to roll. Nice list! Say hi to everyone at SPA!

  4. Mai Tais always make me think of Hawaii…they hand them out everywhere, including some pretty questionable situations (here, have a Mai Tai, then go snorkeling!) I would have been more concerned if it weren’t for that whole altitude shift thing…going from the Rockies to Hawaii meant that it took a LOT of Mai Tais for me to notice that I was even drinking alcohol.

  5. They all sound so exotic. I’m rather ashamed to say that I couldn’t come up with cocktails/mocktails and had to alter this week’s TOT to just plain old things that I drink. Hope you ave a great time at SPA!

  6. Loved your top 10 — I had a couple in common with you including the Cosmo and the mojito! I posted my 10 favorites on my blog today as well! Enjoy your SPA time!

  7. Some day, I hope to try a vodka stinger, heard about it in the Sondheim musical Company: “Another reason not to move, another vodka stinger! I’ll drink to that…” Elaine Stritch made it sound like a command, so I’d best have one. Eventually.

  8. Hmmm… yummy list! What is about Girl’s weekend that draws this out in each other? Enjoy SPA! One of these years I will get there. Always seems that something gets in the way. This year it’s babysitting for the granddaughter!

  9. Oh, I haven’t had a Como in a long, long time. We used to attend a weekly Friday night party and that was all I would drink there…

    Like your list…mine is up and I’m linking…

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