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Thorpe Hat

One of the most important things about having a knitting blog is showing the world your hand knits. I do that by staging a photo shoot. Sometimes that photo shoot can be a failure. The conditions aren’t right, the lighting is flat, the model isn’t available, the setting is boring – there are a jillion things that can go wrong.

But sometimes you get lucky and the photo shoot is a major success. That’s how I felt when I took pictures of my finished Thorpe Hat last Friday. The weather was perfect, lighting was great, my model was available, the angels sang, and I wound up with a whole bunch of really great pictures.

Wanna see?

She’s pretty cute, sitting there on the deck railing. I bought her those boots last October and I think she has worn them every day since.

And the coat was a Christmas present. It’s good that it’s black because it goes with everything. Like this hat. And the boots, of course.

The extra blond-ness of her hair was a present, too. It cost more than the boots, if you can believe it.

It’s a good thing she doesn’t come home too often because she always costs me money when she shows up. She’s worth it, though.

My father-in-law’s cat, Baby, couldn’t resist coming over and hanging out with Hannah while I snapped away. She walks over the snow to come visit us. Shh. Don’t tell Mason.

I suppose I should actually talk about the hat a little bit. I knit it with my handspun but I don’t remember what it is.  And I crocheted that half double crochet border myself.  I’m quite proud of that itty bit of crochet, I’ll tell you.

Okay, back to talking about the photos of my kid and her grandpa’s cat.

Yes, that’s a smirk. It’s a good thing she’s cute.

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  1. Hannah looks so cute in the hat, coats and boots! Love the highlights, too. I had to smile about the ” cost” of coming home. It reminded me of those college days with my girls when we would have a flurry of shopping and hair styling.

  2. Your photo shoot turned out great! Love the hat, but the model – she is
    just too cute for words and I can see that grin on your face, ear to ear,
    when talking about her. And yes, she is worth it!! ; )

  3. I bet it’s been a wonderful weekend having Hannah home. Love the handspun hat. That kid radiates HAPPY!

  4. I thought, Oh Goodie, a post about Hannah! Thanks for indulging me. She’s very cute and you’ve helped to create a darling persona for her. Thorpe is just the icing on the cake. Good job on the crochet and the photos!
    Hi Hannah!

  5. The first thing that caught me was that something about Hannah was different, and it took me a few pictures to realize that she’s blond! I like the hat too. The pink and brown reminds me of the scarf that she didn’t like that I ended up with!

  6. Ohhh I remember you saying a looong time ago that you wanted to make a Thorpe but were afraid of the crochet. I`m glad you took the plunge it looks great! The crochet wasn`t hard huh?
    ohhh whats the source of Hannah’s coat? I love that empire waist.

  7. Love the hat. I printed out the directions for the Thorpe hat ages ago, but I have not made it yet. Seeing it on Hannah gets me excited to try it soon – well, since there are projects on the needles right now, maybe during the summer or early fall to have it ready for NEXT winter. Although, I’m beginning to wonder if this winter will ever end! It is snowing again here in northeastern MA, big fluffy snowflakes. It would be pretty, but I think we’ve had at least 70 inches of snow already this winter, so I’m no longer quite as impressed.

    Enjoy your long weekend with Hannah

  8. Love the Thorpe; when I made one, I could NOT figure out how to crochet the edge and did an applied icord instead, which was fine. And yeh, it’s irresistible to help one’s pretty daughters become even prettier. Sexist momism, but we can’t help ourselves, right?

  9. Great hat and great photos! I loved your line “she always costs me money when she shows up.” Very funny (and true)!

  10. Lucky you to have a fashion model in the family! Norma does too, and Kim (woolen rabbit). The hat is charming- I always admire handspun knits.

  11. She is so totally your kid. *L*

    Lovely hat and such a beautiful child. Is it beautiful daughter day in knitting blog land or something?

    And, yes, I would believe the extra blond was more than the boots. *L*


  12. A whole post about adorable! Hannah, highlighted hair, coat, boots, cat (and you know how I feel about cats, ahem), and specifically the hat! And you were worried about it being too small 🙂

  13. Those are great pictures. I really love the way that pattern looks in handspun yarn and it looks fabulous on Hannah. Certainly our girls are worth every penny.

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