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Warm Hats, Not Hot Heads

As I mentioned the other day, I participated in the Warm Hats, Not Hot Heads campaign. I did so by knitting a Botanic Hat for Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts. I think this was perfect appropriate since he’s my senator. And, while I’ve never met him, Dale has and that’s cool by me.

Anyway, this pattern is fun to knit and fairly quick, too.

I knit the fold up brim version because I just think a man’s hat looks better with a folded up brim.

I love that it’s reversible.

And honestly, I can’t decide which side I like better.

I have decided, though, that this campaign was a very good thing. I’m hoping we get some attention for it and I’m hoping that it actually makes a difference because, really, enough with the angry politics.

This is the letter I sent with my hat, an amalgamation of letters I read from other participants:

Dear Senator Kerry;

The enclosed hat was hand knit for you by me. I knit the hat as part of a national campaign among knitters called Warm Hats, Not Hot Heads. The campaign was created as a way of reaching out to you and your colleagues in the house and senate to ask for civility and respect.

Knitters, like politicians, are from many political backgrounds. Some of us are liberal and some of us are conservative but we all have common ground as knitters and as Americans. I believe that even the most polarized among us can find something to agree about. And yet, all around us there is anger and vicious rhetoric.  The Warm Hats, Not Hot Heads campaign is our way of asking that this antagonism take a backseat to civility. That members of Congress truly do what is best for the American people and not just what it takes to get reelected. We are choosing to give hours of our time to be able to give you a visible, tangible, heartfelt symbol of our desire for respect and honor within our government – and to thank you for doing your best.

As you look at the hat I ask that you consider that the stitches of the hat represent individual Americans.  Each stitch is significant and each stitch depends on every other stitch for it to be able to do its job of creating comfort and warmth. I know that if we all work together and build each other up our country will be an amazing place.

If you cannot personally use the hat I encourage you to donate it to a worthwhile charity in Massachusetts.

I am a proud constituent and I wish you the best in your work. Thank you for your service to the people of Massachusetts.

Today is the deadline for mailing the hats so all that’s left to do is sit back and wait and see if a warm hat can make a difference.

I’m betting that it can.

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  1. You truly have a way with words, my friend. I’m hoping to see Senator Kerry on the news some evening, being interviewed in his spiffy new hat and mentioning the initiative! Perhaps he’ll even say, ‘A special thanks to Carole for knitting me this amazing hat!’

  2. Hey, good for you! Your letter is great, too. Now, what are we going to do for Scott Brown? Something that matches his barn jacket?

    I love the Botanic Hat pattern and have made it three or four times — it seems to go very quickly. And as you said, it’s reversible!

  3. Carole-
    Great hat; wonderful letter. If you haven’t already mailed the hat, I recommend you send it to Senator Kerry’s Boston office, as his mail in DC (as is true for all members of congress) goes through a screening process (off-site) that delays the delivery of USPS mail for months! (Security initiated after the anthrax episodes back in 2001.)

  4. A beautiful hat and a very touching letter. This is such a neat campaign…I wish I had been a little more together so I could have participated. I hope it makes wonderful things happen.

  5. Fabulous letter and fabulous hat! You have an easy task – Sen. Kerry is one of the best senators there. I would be biting my tongue if I were to knit for Sen. Shelby!

  6. A gorgeous hat, and what a GREAT letter!
    Mine mail tomorrow, but I phoned all 4 of the men I knit for today to tell them to look for their packages.

  7. Very manly hat! And your letter is so intelligent and kind. I’ve been writing letters to our state legislators which I hope are being viewed as intelligent, though I missed the boat on kind. And none of them were accompanying a hand knit anything! You’re much classier than I!

  8. I love that hat. I just faved it on Ravelry and was surprised to find that I just picked up a pattern booklet by that same designer this past weekend! Apparently I love his work.

    Thank you for taking the time to knit for the project. I hope that it has a positive effect on things.

  9. Love the hat and the letter…
    I mailed two hats yesterday – one to Senator Kelly Ayotte and the other to Rep. Frank Guinta – both from New Hampshire.
    I, too, hope this campaign gets some coverage…

    So cool to see you at SPA…

  10. That was a wonderful letter I hope all of the recipients take the messages to heart. It makes me wish I’d participated.

    As soon as I typed that I see in the last comment that the campaign is still going on. I think I’m going to have to jump in on this one. The letters are correct. We are all different and have different points of view.

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