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Ragtop Mitts

There’s nothing quite like coming home from work and finding a package waiting for you. It’s especially wonderful when the package is from a dear friend.

The package felt squishy so I figured Margene had sent me some yarn. And she sort of did. It’s Madeline Tosh merino DK. And it’s in the form of mitts.

That’s right. Margene made me mitts. (say that 20 times fast!)

They are lovely and squooshy and perfect for this time of year. And they were designed by Susan, another special friend.

They are a gorgeous shade of deep red which just happens to be my favorite color. Margene knows me so well.

A new pair of mitts is a great thing. A new pair of mitts knit especially for me by my dear friend is a wonderful and fantastic thing. Every time I wear them I feel like she is with me and it just doesn’t get any better than that.

Thanks, Margene.

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  1. The best person to give a handmade gift to is one who will appreciate it! And then share the pretty pictures with the rest of us 🙂

  2. Haven’t tried that Madeline Tosh yarn, but those pictures make it mighty tempting. I like semi solids.

  3. They are lovely. And you are right, there is nothing like a special gift made by a friend. They will warm your heart as well as your hands.

  4. What a special gift…from an even more special friend! They’re just beautiful…how nice to have Margene holding your hands!

  5. So beautiful! Amazing color, and such a perfectly simple pattern. And they even match your nail polish (or is it the other way around?).

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