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Signs of Spring

I took my own advice and spent some time this weekend searching for spring. Guess what – I found it!

There are crocus.

And tulips. Okay, I bought the tulips but they are yellow and make me feel like it’s spring.

There are daffodil shoots in my yard. This makes me so very happy.

And there is an ever dwindling pile of snow. This little bit is all that is left in my yard.

Of course you know what that means, right?

Mud season has arrived.

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  1. You had me going with the tulips for a minute there;-P My tulips are up and setting buds right now and I think I might be 2-3 weeks ahead of you , so you know spring is on her way!!!!!

  2. The snow has melted back enough that I can make a tour of the whole yard today to see if spring is making an appearance in the garden. The shrubs in front of my house took quite a hit. Two will make a come back, but one will need to be replaced. Love the look of yellow in March!

  3. How great that you were able to get outside this weekend and that the snow has melted! We planted part of our garden yesterday and now I’m afraid we’ll get a downpour that will wash it all out. (It’s on a slight slope and we’ve had things wash away before.) Hopefully neither one of us will have too much mud this year!

  4. I bought daffodils just for a bright happy spot of color. It’s so wonderful to see spring popping up all over the place!

  5. You’re giving me hope – I think we’re at least a week behind you here, but our snow piles should decrease considerably this week with warmer temps predicted.

  6. Ah, spring! You’ve inspired me to venture over to the side yard and see if there are any flower shoots popping up 🙂

  7. Our forsythia is budding! No snow in sight, but rain, rain, rain is coming. Mud season brings promise of morning sunshine and temps in the 60s. Bring on mud season! (I envy you your jeep!)

  8. Lucky you! My yard is actually finally showing bits of green here and there. In spots the snow can be measured in inches vs feet. Spring is a-coming! I bought tulips and dafs for some colorful cheer around the house. Need to cut some forsythia sprigs and force them in time for Easter.

  9. You have crocuses (croci?) already? You are just that much further south, I guess. P.S. HP World was great – sort of under and overwhelming at the same time, but then, we were theme park novices.

  10. I was totally going to go out searching the yard for signs of spring and the motivation was almost there but then I was inspired to take a nap and… oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

  11. Lovely! I’m totally jealous! I looked last week since we’ve had a relatively mild winter, but I didn’t find any signs yet. Well, of flowers. I have started to get pollen count e-mails again and the trees do have rather plump looking buds. Soon there will be flowers and green I hope!

  12. Oh, thanks for the signs of spring – we have to take your word for it that it is coming. We’ve just hit 4 solid months of snow cover, an extra long winter here. You give me hope!

  13. Ah mud season when there are 4 boys under the age of 10 in the house plus all their friends! At least I live in the basement studio and my son and DIL can have the joy(?) of keeping floors upstairs semi-clean. My spring bulbs haven’t sprouted yet but soon.

  14. So glad your snow is gone and green things are coming! I saw 2 Robins, an earthworm and lots of potholes in my neighborhood today! Spring is definitely on the way to Massachusetts!

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