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Spring Break

Ahhh, Spring Break. I have happy memories of a week in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida back in 1986. Good times.

These days Spring Break means that Hannah is home and we are enjoying that very much. Granted, she hasn’t been home much and when she has been home she has been sleeping, but still, it’s nice to have my chick back in the nest.

Speaking of chick(en) she’s eating meat again. This has made my meal planning infinitely easier. We’ve had pot roast and Swedish meatballs and she even had some bacon-wrapped dates that my friend Jo-Ann brought over. I’m also relieved because I know her diet hasn’t been healthy for the past six months. Not that eating meat will make her diet healthy but it does mean that she’s getting more protein and that’s important. The vegetarian options at her school are pretty limited so she’s been mostly surviving on bread and pasta and ice cream. I’m hopeful that she’ll have a more balanced diet now but I’m still proud of her for giving this a try.

And speaking of proud (another segue!)

She made the Dean’s List last semester. That makes me very proud indeed! We all know that the freshman year in college is a challenge and adjusting can be difficult. Hannah has made the transition easily, it seems. She has good friends, gets along with her 3 roommates, is involved with the Student Theater Association and was in two different productions last semester, has a work study job in the campus center, and is really enjoying college life. All that plus good grades = a very successful start, I think.

Last year at this time we were shopping for a prom gown and planning a graduation party, now we’re already looking towards the end of her freshman year in college. There’s been a lot of changing and growing for all of us but we’re still a family and that’s what really counts.

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  1. Congrats !!! You have a lovely, talented daughter!!! You’ve done a good job. Sigh, we are going through the countdown of Senior year here. Happy Tears.

  2. Congratulations to Hannah! It does sound like she is really doing great! I know you are so proud of her.

    I understand her switching back to eating meat. When I was a vegetarian, I wasn’t making sure to get enough protein and I didn’t feel well either.

  3. Congratulations Hannah! My sophomore is spending her break in Camden, NJ on a service project. It’s hard to believe that she will be abroad next year. A junior!!

  4. It is always wonderful to see Hannah’s smiling face! Of course she has done well her first year, she’s a delightful young lady … how could she not be, being raised by a delightful mom?? Congrats to Hannah, enjoy having her home, momma!

  5. I had to stop by and say CONGRATS HANNAH!!!!!! Sounds like she has had the balance of studies, activities and fun that we hope all our kids achieve in college.

  6. Ah, memories of Ft. Lauderdale in March of 1986!

    Egg McMuffins
    Party if nobody pulls the fire alarm
    Mony, Mony
    $.25 drafts
    Tuna subs at midnight
    “Can we sleep in your room?”
    “Shots for the newcomers!”
    “You left a $20 on the bar!?!”

    What a week!

  7. Way to go Hannah!

    Spring break… meant working on the campus to keep the academic resource center open for the basketball team b/c they had to stay on campus… it was a lot of fun though. 🙂

  8. Congratulations on making Dean’s list! She’s done a great job adjusting to campus life! (and, yes, the vegetarian options at WSU are dismal!)

  9. Way to go, Hannah! As a college administrator, I would like to tell you that you are the type of student that we wish we could clone. Enjoy your Spring Break and the rest of your Freshman year!

  10. Congrats to Hannah on making the Dean’s List. Congrats to you and Dale also – you obviously prepared her well for success.

  11. Congrats to Hannah – that is a big achievement especially the first year of college…

    Enjoy Spring Break with her…

  12. Oh Carole, this is too funny! My son is also a freshman at Westfield and is involved in the theater group and is doing several productions. I showed your blog entry to him and he knows Hannah. They haven’t been in a show together…yet! Tell Hannah that Colin says “hi”! Doncha’ just love Westfield…such a great school! Congratulations to Hannah for a job well done!

  13. I know you will all have a glorious spring break together. The photo of Hannah is terrific as is her major accomplishments! I did theater in college and fully understand what an undertaking it is. Fantastic to be involved in productions AND make the Dean’s List! Kudos to you both! Play hard!!

  14. That’s excellent. I hope that you had a fabulous Spring Break with her. I really don’t think that there is anything better than watching your kids do well.

  15. Congrats to Hannah! I’m not surprised she’s done well 🙂 It is a big change and not always easy! I’m in prom/graduation mode this year and starting to stress over those things…

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