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Random Wednesday

I was going to just do a Wordless Wednesday post today because I’m having a hectic week and don’t have a ton of time for writing beautiful blog posts. And then Terry posted twice yesterday and I know how busy she is and I figured, well, if she can do it, so can I. Don’t get too excited, though, I’m really just going to be all random on you.

  • Last Sunday was the annual Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast. Last year I took pictures. This year they put me on the grill line.
  • It was an entry level grill line position though – I didn’t actually cook anything, I just served the bacon.
  • Having me serve the bacon is sort of like putting a rat in charge of the cheese.
  • I ate a lot of bacon on Sunday.
  • I consider this okay, though, because I hardly ate any pancakes at all.
  • Seriously, I can rationalize anything.
  • I’m halfway through season 4 of The Tudors and I’m sort of sad it’s going to be ending.
  • You just can’t beat the costuming.
  • And the sex.
  • I’ve also decided that I like watching whole series of shows at once.
  • We did this with 24 and the first 2 seasons of True Blood.
  • It’s awesome to not have to wait for the cliffhangers to be resolved.
  • It’s also awesome to not have to deal with shows being on hiatus.
  • Seriously, what is up with that? I remember when shows started in September and ended in June and there weren’t any interruptions or repeats.
  • I may be delusional about this but I don’t think I am.
  • I do realize, though, that it makes me sound like a crazy old lady who walked uphill (both ways!) to school in the snow.
  • Speaking of snow, winter is not loosening it’s grip on us. The snow is gone but the cold is hanging around.
  • I would like to have spring now. Could someone send Mother Nature an email or something?
  • Speaking of Mother Nature and spring, and because every blog post deserves a picture, how about some daffodils that are past their prime?
  • There’s something I really like about the lighting and the fading flowers and the reflection in the window.
  • I call it “Where Have All the Flowers Gone.”
  • And now you’ll have that song stuck in your head all day long.
  • Good bye.

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  1. When shows were from Sept to June there weren’t so many unneeded specials and news shows. Of course, it didn’t cost as much to make each episode and actors were as temperamental.

    I can explain the uphill both ways in the snow… there was a hill between us and school and we had lots of snow storms like the last two years.

    Happy Random!

  2. LOL. Rat and cheese. I see your tail.

    Just wait til Friday for that taste of spring. I could so do without this storm.

  3. You randomly hit several nails on the head. Spring comes in April. She doesn’t really want to show her face until she’s sure she can stay around for awhile. At least that’s what I got out of her when she stopped by for 5 minutes last week.

  4. I love bacon also and watching a full season of a series is such a wonderful thing. I have watched all of True Blood, Dexter, and Nurse Jackie while work at home on the computer. It is the best! And, you are not delusional! Have a great day.

  5. Random is good! And I have just named you one of my Stylish Blogs (info is on mine) so you have fodder for a post should you so desire…

  6. And now they are predicting snow on Friday! I spent the weekend in Boston with my 2 1/2 yr old granddaughter and even she said enough as we braved the wind at her neighborhood playground! Thanks for the mental soundtrack for today:)

  7. Bacon? Pancakes? At least you went ‘low carb’. (hee, hee) Come to think of it, that cheese is low carb, too. Bet this year’s pictures aren’t as good as last year’s.

  8. You mean… you actually let anyone else have bacon? I probably would have kept it all myself.

    I completely agree about watching TV on DVD. My favorite thing, especially while exercising on the elliptical.

    I also agree that the costuming on the Tudors was fantastic. The JEWELS!!!

  9. I’m now watching Dexter via Netflix. Oooh. If you’ve not done this series, do it! I’ve done 24, Alias, Lost, Mad Men all on dvd. It’s getting so I’m not watching television at all (except for Greys!). I watch them while on the treadmill and man, do I move! I remember the days when the big TV Guide came out in August with all the fall shows. It came in the mail when Seventeen came out with the fashions for fall. I loved those issues – even though I lived in southern California and would never wear wool tweed!

  10. your ramblings were quite funny Carol. !!! I have cards that say< I love you more than bacon. GOt them on etsy……they are perfect

  11. I love it when you go all random on us! I missed the bacon. No, I mean I *really* missed it!! I also missed workin’ with my bud … next year 🙂

  12. The Tudors is on my Netflix list. I figure that Linds and I will probably watch the whole thing marathon style when it arrives.

    Rat guarding cheese – hah! Love that.

  13. You crack me up. I have no patience for “real” tv any more. I only like to watch shows once all the seasons are on dvd. I didn’t have television the entire time Seinfeld was on, and it took a year, but I have finally caught up on what must be one of the biggest cultural reference makers of the 90s/00s!

  14. I love, love your random posts…Bacon! Yes, Bacon! Oh, I love bacon. I went to a brunch on Sunday and ate twice as much bacon as anything else.

    I like to watch a whole series – I’m waiting to have a nice long week-end to watch Miami Vice – (the tv series) – all five seasons!!

    They are telling me that we are going to have snow storms on Friday … say it ain’t so!

  15. Rationalization…it’s a beaautiful thing!
    And I must be a crazy old lady too, because I am driven nuts by the fits and starts of curent TV.

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