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Random Wednesday

My Toodledo list is exploding and I’ve got lots of my mind so today I’m embracing the random . . .

  • The handspun arm warmers (pictured above) that I started last week are wonderful. I can’t remember what the fiber is but I think it came from Spunky Eclectic. It’s soft and the colors remind me of a campfire.
  • Speaking of handspun, I always think my handspun is bulkier than it is. I think I pretty consistently spin worsted or DK, which is a very usable weight, but I’m always convinced it’s thicker than that. I don’t know why I do this but there it is.
  • The other thing I’m knitting right now is a Botanic Hat. This is part of the Warm Hats Not Hot Heads campaign, which means the hat will be going to my very own Massachusetts Senator John Kerry. I think this is a wonderful idea and would encourage any of you to check out the list and adopt a congressman or senator and knit them a hat.
  • I got an email yesterday from MiniSoup Kate asking if I would publicize her guild’s workshop with Lucy Neatby. There are still spaces left and you can read more about it and download the registration flyer here. This is a great opportunity for any of you local peeps!
  • Finally, in case you were wondering, yes, I made The Cream Puffs on Valentine’s Day.

  • They were delicious.
  • The end.

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  1. I so need to get back spinning! I have an Ashford Joy and she has been in her case since December! Mainly because both bathrooms upstairs were being renovated and “stuff” has taken over the fiber room. Cream puffs….. sigh.

  2. Now that you’ve shown those delicious looking creampuffs and made me crave one…is there a recipe you could sharre with us???

  3. If you can take the workshop with Lucy Neatby don’t miss it! She is one of the most informative teachers around. She’s a font of knitting know how and knowledge.
    I need to spin more and knit more with my handspun. Yours is beautiful!!

  4. I think I know what that handspun is. It looks like Tulips, from a few years back. If I am remembering correctly, it was BFL. I could be wrong, though. Regardless, lovely mitts!

  5. I’m dying of the cream puffs. And gorgeous mitts!

    Hope you’re making the hat big enough to fit over all that hair…


  6. LOVE the Botanic Hat and have made it three times already. It knits up so quickly. (Nora’s comment is very funny.)

  7. Those cream puffs look great. What do you use as the cream? I have a recipe from my mother-in-law that is wonderful, and uses homemade fudge as the icing…yum. Might have to make some next weekend if anyone is around to help me eat them (I have one going to Michigan to move his stuff back home and a husband going on a scout ski trip…and I don’t want to eat them all myself, although I probably could!)

  8. I feel the same about my hand spun. I am always thinking it’s so much thicker than it really is. I’m knitting a sweater for myself right now and I am wishing it really was as bulky as I thought it was.

    You have me craving cream puffs now! I have knitting at my house tonight – doubt I will have time to make them before the girls get there.

    And randomness – how do you like ToodleDo? Do you use it on your Iphone? I can’t find a list/planner that I really like yet.

  9. Thank you so much for posting about the Warm Hats project. I just signed up to knit for Richie Neal. 🙂

  10. The cream puffs look delicious! I made them many years ago with a coffee flavored cream filling. Might have to dig out that recipe again. 🙂

  11. Ohhh, cream puffs. I usually use chocolate pudding, or for sandwiches, ham salad, chicken salad, etc. If you’re sharing your filling recipe though I’d love to try it. Looks so yummy!
    I’m also into mitts at the moment, but nothing I’ve done is as pretty as your handspun.

  12. Oh, those cream puffs look so incredibly delicious! Will you make them when I come over to clean out your garage? 😉

  13. Your creme puff story reminded me of something I did for my DH over Christmas time this year. My DH’s mom passed away 1 & 1/2 years ago. During Christmas my DH casually remarked that around the holidays his Mom would make a filled cookie that had two layers with some type of cooked raisin filling in the middle. Well, I remember my mom and my grandma both making something similar and I knew I had the recipe. I had helped make these cookies as a kid and although I copied the recipe down at some point I had never made them as an adult. I was so curious to find out if my family’s recipe was close to what my mother in law made. So I made them. I was delighted to hear from my DH that they tasted like his mom’s and the cookies were taking him down memory lane. When I told my own mom what I did she dug up the original metal cookie cutter that she and her mom had used for that one cookie recipe and gave it to me. The cookie cutter looks like it is from around the WW II era and I love having it. My mom never saves anything (she’s the opposite of a pack rat) I can’t believe she still had that old cookie cutter.

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