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Where Art Thou, Spring?

I thought maybe it was just my imagination that spring has been slow to arrive this year. After all, we had a lot of snow this winter and that definitely made me long for spring. Really, I convinced myself it was just me.

Then I took a look at last year’s Frank Harlow Day pictures. This picture was taken on May 1, 2010 and those lilacs came from my yard.

This is what my lilacs looked like yesterday, May 1, 2011.

I guess it’s not my imagination after all.

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  1. We had a ton of snow on Saturday, chilly but cold Sunday and this week we might have a little spring. 700″ of snow in the mountains this year (rare!) and the coldest April in a long time. It’s not just you…spring is a crazy, schizo bitch this year! LOL

  2. Definitely not your imagination! But hark, spring has finally sprung & we can all revel in it … because, seriously? After that long winter, we all DESERVE it!!

  3. I love lilacs! …and if your spring is going to be like ours, it started very slow, but was over way too fast.

  4. We’re on the other side of “wherefore art thou, Spring?” – we didn’t get one. It’s Summer already. Days in the upper 80’s, nights in the 70’s. And the nasty humidity. ICK. Wanna trade?

    I love lilacs – and your flower photos. You always make my day!

  5. My front yard has greeted spring. My back yard, which is far shadier, has not quite greeted her. Waiting impatiently for the lilacs, too!

  6. My lilacs are still sleeping. 🙁 I am afraid we are going to skip over Spring and jump into Summer…. 🙁

  7. Nope – it’s not just you. I feel like it’s still winter. Our lilacs (or should I say, my neighbors lilacs that we steal) look like yours.

  8. I don’t think we’ve even got budding lilacs here in “cooler near the lake” eastern Wisconsin! I usually don’t look for lilacs until closer to June, though. Something to look forward to!

  9. I think spring’s been hiding out all over the place – it just went back into hiding here too!

  10. Yes, last year warmed up a lot earlier than this year. Every time the sun is out for the day I want to rush out and soak it in for I know the clouds will follow quickly. Soon the lilacs will bloom and will be worth the wait 🙂

  11. It’s crazy! When Dan was born, April 14th, there were baby birds in a nest outside the door and magnolia trees in full bloom! The poor birds can’t find enough leaf cover where we are to build a nest right now!

  12. Each year can be really different, can’t it? Enjoy those lilacs! Mine are done but I’m loving my peonies right now.

  13. Spring? Winter hangover? I wish we’d get a definitive answer soon! I went for a walk on my lunch hour and I was hot. Now the wind is blowing and I have my wool slippers on my feet. Fickle, fickle girl (though I like Margene’s descriptor better!).

  14. I just planted the first of my fruits and vegetables this past weekend. I was afraid to before hand, because the weather was so erratic. You have a glorious tree of future lilacs ahead of you!

  15. no it isnt your imagination! we had a HOT summer last year, so everything was very early! fruit, flowers, all of it. this year seems to be taking us down a different path!

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