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Well, That Was Fast

Guess who comes home for the summer tomorrow?

Hard to believe that her first year of college is finished – it seems like it was just last week we were planning for her graduation. And it seems like it was just yesterday that she started her journey as a college freshman.

After all the time it took me to adjust to her being gone now I’m going to have to adjust to her being home.

Thank goodness she starts her summer job on Monday.

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  1. Ah I remember that first summer home for both my girls. They were very much the same lovely girls I remember, but much grown-up and independent. Took a while for us all the adjust, but it was so exciting to see them grow!

  2. We have 2 more weeks yet, then 3.5 months. It’s either feast or famine, isn’t it? And the knitting just goes on…

  3. My son came home last Friday from his Freshman year. This week has been an adjustment! But, seeing the maturity this year has brought to him has made the adjustment worth it!

    (But I am ready for him to start his job next week!) lol

  4. Gee – it does seem like yesterday when she left for college! It sounds like she had a great freshman year. Enjoy having her home. The summer will fly by!

  5. Such a pretty picture! And, what?! The school year is over already? Semesters are getting shorter and shorter and costing more and more…..something like Jello pudding boxes.

  6. Can’t believe the school year is over already! With Jake being in SA instead of on campus, I’ve kind of lost touch. After the initial adjustment, I’m sure you’ll be thrilled she’s home … you have a sushi-pal again 🙂

  7. It really is hard to believe it’s been a yearn. Her face shows how much she’s grown and changed with her experience. She’s a lovely lady.

  8. She looks wonderful in that picture. I’m sure that you’ll find countless ways to make the most of her summer at home.

  9. Congratulations to your new rising Sophomore! How did the move out go? My DD’s last final (of her freshman year) is this Saturday morning and she has to be out of her dorm room that day. Yikes! She’s on the 8th floor and I’m envisioning 30 minute waits for the elevator. Oh well, at least she has an elevator in her bldg.
    My niece is at a smaller (and more expensive) college about an hour away and I’ll be helping her move out the first week of June. She’s on the 5th floor – and no elevator! I keep wondering where my sister’s tuition dollars are going …. At least we will be walking down the stairs with her belongings instead of up!

  10. I always find it easier to adjust to them being back. . . than away! Welcome back, Hannah! (Those college years really fly. . .)

  11. Eldest came home today and middle will be home this time next week. After we drive 9 hours each way. Ugh.

  12. Time flies too quickly! I hung out with a friend of mine the other day who is the same age as me. We enjoyed watching her two year old grandson playing. I had my kids late in life and am just getting one thinking seriously about going to college. She’s getting letters from colleges all over the country, and I’m trying to keep my private mantra of “stay close to home, stay close to home” from passing my lips! I know she needs the independence. Thank God I have one more year to adjust. I know you will have a blast having her home (with the exception of having to share a bathroom!).

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