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Ten On Tuesday

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since Hannah’s high school graduation and subsequent party. Frankly, I have barely recovered from that party because parties like that are a lot of work. Kathy knows this better than anybody right now, having just thrown a big bash herself, so she suggested this week’s topic, 10 Tips for Throwing a Big Party. I think it’s a great idea because, believe it or not, I’m about to do it again this June when Dale has a major birthday. So here we go —

  1. Start early. The more time you have the less stressed you will be. Pick your date and spread the word.
  2. Book the important things first – the caterer and the music come to mind. In my case, I tend to make the food myself but I hire someone to help me serve it. Of all the money I spent for Hannah’s party last year, the $125 I spent on this was the best of all. It really made my life so much easier that day.
  3. Have a theme. I really think a theme helps everything fall into place – the decorations, the menu, the activities – can all revolve around the theme.
  4. Plan the menu. I always feel so much better once I know what I’m serving.
  5. Write lists. I have lists for everything and it really helps me to stay organized.
  6. Order pre-printed invitations. They look better and they don’t cost that much and it takes so much less time. I love Tiny Prints for invites.
  7. Use Pinterest. Seriously, I started a Pinterest board called “We’re Having A Party” and I’ve been pinning party ideas to it for weeks and weeks.
  8. Call on others for help. If someone offers to help, take them up on it. There are plenty of things to do and many hands make light work.
  9. Shop early. You can buy drinks, decorations and non-perishables way in advance. Not only does this save you time but it helps with your cash flow, too.
  10. Relax. Your party guests are your friends and family. They aren’t coming to inspect your house or judge you, they are coming to spend time with you and to celebrate something important. Enjoy yourself!

I can’t wait to read your lists – I know I’ll learn a lot today.

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  1. Love those tips! You definitely are very organized. Congratulations to Dale on his upcoming birthday!

  2. Great list! You’re the most organized person I know, so I will definitely be taking notes for the next party I throw 🙂

  3. I love #10. That’s the one I seem to forget, but really shouldn’t. This weekend I’ve got a small birthday party happening for my youngest. The beauty of having a preteen party is that they plan the thing themselves. All I need to do is step back and try to keep my carpet clean! Happy Tuesday, Carole!

  4. This one comes from my experience doing large events involving food. Serve greater volumes of fewer items. Instead of one or two batches of 15 different things, make as much as you need of 5 or 6 of those types of cookies (or appys or whatever). It’s easier to mass produce, it is more efficient (labor and money wise), and people will eat their fill, but not over-indulge because they have to ‘try one of everything’.

    And if people offer to help, say ‘Yes’. They usually really like to help if they offer, they feel useful, and it’s one less thing for you to do. Just be sure to thank them.

  5. You throw the best parties and now I know why. You’re organized, the food is good, you have time to socialize and enjoy. Love the list which is major good advice!

  6. these are all really good tips! especially the buying of paper item and drinks early – i do that even for a smaller party when one of the kids has a birthday and it helps. can’t wait to see how you rock dale’s upcoming party!

  7. You are way organized. Way more organized than I am, that’s for sure, as you will see when you read my list.

  8. Great list. You are really organized and have great ideas. I can’t wait to see what you put together for Dale’s party.

  9. Excellent lists! I like the idea of hiring people to help. ANd Pinterest. I am going to check out pinterest right now.

  10. Excellent list! I wish I were a more organized person….perhaps I would not stress about #10 quite so much if I were..

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