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Ten On Tuesday

We’ve been having a lot of rain lately and it’s a little frustrating. I want to be outside and yet I can’t be outside without getting wet. On the other hand, this wet weather has made me truly appreciate the sunny days we have had. All of this is just a lead up to this week’s topic, 10 Favorite Things to do Outside.

  1. Sit. It may be a great indicator of my laziness to post this first but I truly love to just sit outside. It can be on my deck or on the grass or on the back steps, I just love sitting outside and breathing it all in.
  2. Knit. This sort of goes with #1 but it’s different. Sometimes I really do just sit. And sometimes I sit and knit, it all depends on my mood.
  3. Take pictures. You can’t beat natural light and the best way to get it is to take your camera outside and just start shooting.
  4. Bike ride. I love my pretty Electra bike and I love to be outside riding it. It makes me feel like a little kid.
  5. Spin. The season for spinning outside is short around here since I can’t spin when it’s humid but I adore those glorious early summer days when I can take the wheel out on the deck and spin in the sunshine.
  6. Go for a walk. My favorite walk is the walk to the river where my brother-in-law and his wife live. It’sĀ  a good length for a walk and the scenery is lovely. I’m actually wondering why I don’t do it more often.
  7. Eat. Dining al fresco is a wonderful thing and I do it whenever the weather cooperates.
  8. Garden. I’ll admit I have to force myself to do this but once I do I always enjoy it. I love the smell of the dirt and (this may be a little crazy) but the plants feel like little people to me and that makes me want to care for them.
  9. Read. This is especially enjoyable under the shade of a beautiful tree.
  10. Camp. I know I don’t have a lot of company in my love of camping but I stick by it – it’s fun and relaxing and one of the best ways to enjoy being outside.

Writing this list has made me want to shut off the computer and go outside. If only it would stop raining.


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  1. beautiful bike! and i forgot about camping. i’m usually only game for one night, but we do have a lot of fun with the kids.

  2. Reading outdoors (or anywhere) was always a favorite summer activity when I was young. We had a hammock under a weeping willow and it was cool and cozy, especially as the branches grew enough to trail down to the ground. Thanks for the memory!

  3. It’s been raining here, too and we have yet to sit on the patio for dinner, which is one of our favorite things about early spring.
    Taking the walk to the river is one of my favorite memories about the trip to your house. The walk, the tuna sandwich, sleeping under your quilts, and sitting beside your wood stove to knit are memories that will always be with me.

  4. My list is quite similar to yours. I might add boating, but only if it’s a great day. Sure wish this rain would stop, I miss the sunshine!!

  5. We’re trying to not let the constant rain get to us, but our cheerful resolve is slipping. 3rd horrid spring in a row — jeez. It is good knitting weather, however.

  6. Great list – similar to mine. šŸ™‚ I haven’t had my wheel out for years. Spinning outside sounds like great fun!

  7. Its so crummy out-thanks for helping us all remember the brighter days and look forward to how we’re going to spend them!

  8. I wanted to leave a comment on your tipi post but it disappeared somehow in my browser (I am having som..issues..with my computer today, grrrrr)– I loved reading that post, what a perfect way to spend a day/evening. I can picture the 2 of you.

  9. Yes – definitely feeling the frustration right along with ya! I’m aching to get out there – and do ANY of the 10 things mentioned above.

  10. That is a great list. I’m with you on most of it. This rain is killing me. Last night we were sitting and eating as a family while the girls looked outside and lamented how much nicer it would be to be eating on the deck. Bah!

  11. gardening and camping didn’t make my list, but the rest did (or maybe should have!)… loved your last post on camping in the tipi, especially with this list! thanks for another fun topic!!

  12. Our weather here in Iowa must be similar to yours, except it’s been fairly nice through the week, when you have to work, and rainy/overcast on the weekends. This year, I planted lettuce in some big planters on my deck. (I am not a gardener.) Something, I think raccoons, have been digging in them, so I made an extremely ugly cage around them out of old window screens and chicken wire. If this experiment works, and I actually get some lettuce out of this, I will put more thought and work into it next year so my “garden” doesn’t look quite so ghetto. I want to ride my Electra, too, but I have only had her out once this year. šŸ™

  13. Amen! They’re currently saying the sun might come out for a minute or two on Sunday, but not to bet on it. I keep checking the mirror to see if I’m sprouting mold.

  14. I’ve been out planting every time the rain stops. We’re so late getting our garden in this year because of it. I’m one of those dorky people who like to weed, so that would make my list. And my dog loves when I throw the ball for him, so I suppose I should include that as well. Hope the sun is shining soon!

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