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Ten On Tuesday

Sunday morning found me sitting on the sofa, desperately trying to think of a topic for Ten on Tuesday. I glanced around me, hoping for inspiration, and my eyes fell on the current Vermont Country Store catalog, which I had been flipping through before bed Saturday night. (I lead an exciting life, don’t I?) Anyway, I found my inspiration and this week’s topic: 10 Favorite Mail Order Catalogs.

  1. Penzey’s. Love their spice, love their recipes.
  2. Country Curtains. They are pricey but they always have something that works in my home.
  3. Vermont Country Store. If you are looking for old-fashioned stuff that you can’t find in the store anymore, they probably have it here.
  4. L.L. Bean. Simply the best.
  5. King Arthur Flour. They have every baking supply in the world, it seems.
  6. Victorian Trading Company. I have occasionally found very cool things I can use for reenacting.
  7. The Company Store. I love them for towels and bedding.
  8. Plow and Hearth. I dream about having a backyard like the ones in their catalog.
  9. WEBS. Do I even need to explain?
  10. Keepsake Quilting. I don’t even quilt much anymore but I still love to pore over the fabric in this catalog.

I must admit that I don’t get as excited about catalogs as I did before the days of the internet but I do still enjoy sitting down with a  cup of tea and a favorite catalog.


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  1. Oh, I forgot about Penzeys – though I have a store a few minutes away, so I can pop in there and usually ignore the catalog when it comes. Love their stuff!

  2. Love Penzeys! They don’t send me their catalogue anymore, which is weird, since they have a local store. Agree with LLBean. I love The YarnBarn in Kansas…lovely knitting catalogue. And Woodland Woolworks is fantastic too. It is even a reference source for spinning info. Crate and Barrel always tempts me. White FLower Farm. Klehm’s SongSparrow Nursery. Gee. I coulda gotten a post out of this.

  3. My list would exactly the same with the exception of one
    catalog – must be a NE thing!! Since I don’t blog I will add
    one more. William Sonoma! Love it when they include a

  4. Do you remember the Sears catalog as a child? The Christmas
    catalog? Now that was a catalog and everybody couldn’t wait
    for that to arrive!! I am trying to remember if it was still a
    hit when you would have been a child. Hmmm!!

  5. We love Penzey’s and while we look through the Eddie Bauer catalog we usually go to the outlet. Since the internet has taken over everything we get few catalogs and rarely look through the few we do get. I’m not a fan of shopping in any form, with the exception of yarn. 😉

  6. I haven’t seen a Penzey’s catalog in years, but I did love them! My Mom, sis-in-law and I would pore over it & then place an order – when that box came, it was like heaven!! Great list, Carole 🙂

  7. I love Penzey’s too – we are lucky to have one of their stores in the next town – my spice drawer is 100% Penzeys.

  8. I know that we should be saving trees, etc…but there is something about sitting down with a catalog. It brings back such fond memories of times with Grandmother. There are several on your list that I plan to look into. Especially King Arthur Four.

  9. I’m going to have to de-list from the King Arthur catalogs – they’re nothing but trouble!!! Way too many temptations.

  10. Just today got a COMPANY STORE catalog. What are your favorite sheets? Im thinking of ordering and could use some direction . Thanks Carole. I want a really silky soft feel without it being silk…

  11. Penzey’s? Never heard of ’em! Gonna go look them up on the internet! I love Gardener’s and Seed Saver’s Exchange. Oh, and I love when the National Geographic Gift catalog comes. Oy, to have money to buy some of those leather bags!

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