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Macro Monday

I think it’s awesome that Macro May happens just when all the flowers are blooming because I love me some macro flower shots. I take one almost every day, in fact.

I take them of columbine.

And peony heads.

I take them of tulips.

And geranium blossoms.

And I take them of lilacs.

Lots and lots of lilacs.

I can’t bring them inside due to allergies so I have to enjoy them this way.

How are you celebrating Macro May?


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  1. I have the same problem with lilacs. They and peonies are my favorite flowers, but only the peonies can come inside! Lovely shots!

  2. Holy Macro, those are great photos. Makes me wish it was a little safer for flowers here, but not quite yet.

  3. Lovely, Carole! It’s been so windy here that I’ve had to bring my flowers indoors to photograph them! Oooh, I can’t wait for my lilacs!

  4. Lilacs are my favorites, can’t wait to bring a bouquet inside! The smell is intoxicating 🙂 I’m celebrating Macro May by enjoying your photos!!

  5. Beautiful shots! What an inspiring way to start a Monday morning! We’re a little behind in Northern MI–no lilac buds or worker ants prepping the peonies quiiiiiite yet. Soon!

  6. Oh my, Carole! Those are all beautiful! I especially like the columbine. I’m camping with my class for the rest of the week, but look forward to catching up with you on Saturday! Have a wonderful week!

  7. oh carole, these shots are stunning!! I’m hoping to celebrate macro may with a (single?!) macro shot. likely of flowers. magnolias are blooming in my neighborhood now.

  8. Those are beautiful photos – and the flowers are so pretty.

    Missed you at Sheep and Wool – but, I ran into your friend (whose name I can’t remember) and her husband who told me Dale had a gig. Hope you had fun!

  9. Your photos are amazing!!! If you get tired of your day job(s), you could open up an Etsy store and sell note cards made from your photos.

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