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DIY Pinwheels

I don’t want to give too much away concerning Dale’s upcoming birthday party since some of my readers will be guests but I guess I can tell you that we are having an old-fashioned carnival in honor of the birthday boy. It’s quite appropriate for my husband since he’s truly just a big kid. I’ve been gathering ideas for decorations and activities for months and one of the things I wanted was colorful pinwheels. I decided to make them myself and I thought you all might enjoy seeing how I did it.

For supplies you will need 12X12 scrapbook paper in coordinating colors and patterns, wooden dowels, glass head pins in assorted colors, spray adhesive, and beads. You might also find it helpful to have a quilting mat and rotary cutter.

Begin by matching up your scrapbook papers – I chose one solid paper and one printed paper but you could put coordinating solids or prints together. Use the spray adhesive to glue the wrong sides of the paper together and let them dry overnight.

Now you need to cut those 12X12 sheets into four 6X6 squares. I used my rotary cutter and quilting mat for this but you could do it with scissors or an exacto knife.

One you have all those squares cut up you need to mark the center of each square with a dot – I used a black sharpie. Make 4 more dots 1/2 inch from that center dot to make a square. You should have  a total of 5 dots at this point. Use your rotary cutter to cut diagonally from each corner to each dot, leaving the center uncut.

To make the pinwheel shape, gently bring one of the points to the center, being careful not to crease the paper.  Continue around the square bringing every other point to the center and then hold them in place with a glass head pin. Push the pin through all four points and through the black dot you made at the center of the square.

Put a bead or two, depending on the size of your beads, on the end of the pin on the backside of the pinwheel and then carefully push the pin into the end of a wooden dowel.

Use pliers to bend the end of the pin back into the wood to secure it in place.

And there you have it – a fun, festive, and colorful pinwheel.

Truthfully, not all of these spin very well. The paper is a bit heavy and I probably could have used bigger beads.

I honestly don’t mind, though, because they look just the way I pictured and they will be awesome as centerpieces on the tables.

Now go forth and make your own pinwheels!

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  1. These are amazing! I can think of several different ways I could use these!! They seem fairly simple to do. Do you have a website or company that has the directions? I’m a little confused about the cutting in to 4 6×6 squares, though it may just be the time of day and the fact that as I get older I need to see and do at the same time 🙂

  2. I LOVE them, Carole!! What a great idea and such a pretty,
    fun decoration!! Love that your hubby is a big kid. 😉

  3. Fantastic tutorial, thanks! Do you have a third and fourth hand for taking photos while simultaneously making pinwheels?

  4. They came out ~awesome~! Yet, not one mention of WHO FOUND THE PINS (now where would I be if I were a pin ……) !!!!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing! I’m saving this link in case I have a gift to decorate someday or an occasion. Love how they came out.

  6. Very clever! I would never have thought to make pinwheels, but you make it look easy!

  7. If you were ever thinking of a new career, you’d make a mint as a party/event planner! You have no fear and unbounded creativity!

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