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Peep My Hobonichi Weeks

I’ve talked about using a Hobonichi Weeks for journaling this year but I realized recently that I’ve never actually shown you how I use it. And please allow me to qualify this with the following disclaimer: I am not a bullet journal person maximalist, my artistic skills are minimal at best, this is strictly what works for me and your mileage may vary.

So. The weeks journal is set up with, not surprisingly, a weekly spread of 2 pages. Every Sunday, I go in and draw my grid lines to set up daily tracking on the left side and . . . something random on the right side.

That is this week’s spread. I’ve got meal plans and calendar stuff on the left and daily delights on the right. I’m recording those daily delights each week for the month of May in accordance with Ali Edward’s OLW prompt for this month.

That is last week’s spread with basically the same set up as this week’s.

Sometimes I divide up the space on the right side and track different things like sleep or to-do lists.

Here we have a list of cards I was going to send in April (and I never did). And we also have a stamp that I used that bled to the other side because I didn’t let it dry completely before I closed the journal. And I’m perfectly okay with that.

I use the back pages in the back to do a currently post every Friday.

It’s pretty similar to the Currently posts I share here except that I use the exact same verbs every week to show change or progress or just illustrate consistency.

I also make a sticker of the covers of the books I read and put those in the back pages as well.

I set aside a group of pages for this and I’m a little concerned that I’m going to run out of room before the year is over but, you know what? It will be okay. My whole approach to this is that it’s fun and it’s mine and however I use it is absolutely okay.

If you’re into journaling at all and if you’re looking for a (slightly) disciplined approach to tracking your time, thoughts, and memories, I definitely recommend looking into a Hobonichi weeks.

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  1. It’s interesting to see how you use this, and I can see the attraction of having almost everything in one place. I’m fairly sure that I would last three days with this, declare it too much work, and quit. (Maybe I don’t have so much to document being retired or maybe I’m just lazy!)

  2. I love the size of this planner! It very much reminds me of my Traveler’s Journal… calendar on the left, a blank page on the right! You have given me some new ideas though… I love your currently idea on Friday’s! What a great way to see change/progression over time! XO

  3. I so enjoy seeing how others use their journals/diaries/notebooks. Yours feels a lot like a commonplace book to me (at least I think that’s what they’re called), where people mostly record the details of their days and it seems fairly mundane, but when you look back, you have a great record of how your life was lived.

  4. thank you for sharing! I’m using a Traveler’s Notebook dated weekly planner, horizontal style, and it gives me a similar left page, with a grid right page – where I’m also listing “currents” type things. My verbs list keeps evolving (currently I have ten) and two I’m learning from are “Things I didn’t buy” and “Things I bought”.

  5. What a great peek into your journal, Carole! It’s such a treat to find the system that works for YOU . . . and it looks like you’ve found just the one. What’s really nice, too, is that it can evolve into whatever you need it to be! XO

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