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Currently, May 2024

I didn’t do a mid April in because it was when I was on vacation. But here we are at the middle of Mayso let’s talk about what’s going on around here.

Knitting: Practically never. Between reading and gardening and watching TikToks, I have completely lost my knitting mojo. I know it will come back, it always does, so I’m not panicking. But it’s weird.

Reading with my eyes: The Berry Pickers by Amanda Peters

Reading with my earsCrying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner. Did you know you can get audiobooks on Spotify now? I’m currently out of Audible credits and the wait list for this one on Libby is lengthy but it was available on Spotify!

Watching: Grey’s Anatomy while I ride the Peloton. And I actually just got through the episode with Derek’s death which is probably one of the only older Grey’s episodes I’ve never re-watched. Peep me on the Peloton bawling my eyes out if you want to laugh at how pathetic I am about this. We’ve also been watching Lessons in Chemistry on AppleTV. The book was better but it’s still pretty good.

Eating: Lots of overnight oats. I can eat them every day for breakfast and I never get sick of them. I wish I could find a lunch option that I never got sick of but that doesn’t seem to hit the same way.

Loving: No jacket weather! Spring has been on the cooler/rainier side here but I’m just so happy to walk out of the house without a big coat.

Enduring: Tinnitus and it blows. It’s not every day but it’s many days (especially in the morning) and it’s so annoying.

Planning: Our first camping trip of the season on Memorial Day weekend. Huck is opened up and de-winterized, now I just need to make up the bed, stock the pantry and fridge, and freshen things up. Hooray for camping season!

Marveling: At some of my TikToks blowing up lately. I’ve done loads of book reviews and had mediocre (at best) views on those. I started talking about libraries and Libby and hoopla and digital licenses and have suddenly gotten lots of engagement. I won’t pretend to not be excited about this but I’m not sure how much I have to say about libraries that people really care about.

Anticipating: Planting my dahlia tubers. I’d say about 1/3 of the ones I stored over the winter are viable and, while that’s not great, it’s still less I have to buy. I consider all of this dahlia growing an experiment and I’m happy with data almost as much as I am with results. That said, I’m crossing my fingers for a great dahlia season!

I hope all the things currently in your world are good things.

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  1. I always enjoy your “Currently” posts Carole. Yay for camping season approaching!! (I miss that…I’m afraid our camping days are over.) Fletch planted our Dahlia tubers and they are already sprouting! We’ve never grown them before, so I’m excited. Thanks for the reminder of overnight oats – I love them but have not made any in a long, long time (it was chilly enough the other morning though that I made hot oatmeal for breakfast!).

  2. How did I not know about Spotify reads?! Thanks for clueing me in to that sweet little detail!

    Tinnitus sucks so bad… Mine never ceases. I am hoping that getting hearing aids will help reduce it but there is no guarantee. I have had some relief from the MindEar app. (it is free but there are pay options).

    And camping sounds like the perfect way to welcome summer!

  3. Lots of good things here! Tinnitus is irritating, but meditation helps, and if you get so you can’t ignore it, it might be worth a visit to an ENT. There are different treatments you can try (but the downside is that many are pricey). It’s good to talk about libraries so patrons understand why the wait queues are so long and you can’t just loan infinite digital copies for free.

  4. Yay for Huck hitting the road! I’ve got the bed(s?) ready for our dahlia tubers too. Mine are cheap so I didn’t bring any through the winter. Always exciting to pick that first bouquet!

  5. I hope your tinnitus resolves soon!
    Good luck with your Dahlias! I’ve started setting out plants in my raised beds and plan to set out my herb container garden next week.
    I’m currently planning my packing list for a long weekend in Chicago for my niece’s graduation from seminary. We’ll be meeting friends and family there and look forward to celebrating with everyrone.

  6. I am excited for dahlia season! None of my tubers made it, so they’re turning into compost now and I’ll have to get my dahlia fix from you!

    I am glad that you are getting a lot of engagement online when you talk about libraries. I really want more people to appreciate all that libraries do and to know about the costs of all that they do.

  7. I’m so glad you’re diving into Crying at H Mart! I loved it when I read it a couple of years ago. I did see that Spotify has audiobooks now, but I haven’t tried it yet. (Soon, I’m sure.) Tom has been up at our cabin several times so far this season, but I have yet to go. (We were planning a big trip up north for this week, but. Well. That didn’t happen.) You must be really excited about taking Huck out for new adventures this year!

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