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Garden Times

This weekend was all about gardening. My friend Doreen came up from the Cape for our annual shopping trip to greenhouses in my area and we had a grand time. We always have fun together but when the main activity is plant shopping . . . well . . . it’s extra fun!

We visited one nursery on Day One, it’s the biggest one in my area and I feel like they have, quite literally, everything. Even lunch! I got everything I needed for my window boxes, plus plants for some new boxes I have for my deck. A perennial or two. Caladium. Begonias. Basil and parsley. And more.

On Day Two we visited 3 nurseries. They are smaller and closer together and each have their own strengths. One always has a fabulous selection of coleus. Another has the best price on annuals and giant Boston ferns. And another is known for hanging plants and shrubs and a wonderful selection of lavender.

It’s still chilly here at night so everything went into my mini greenhouse until I can get it all planted, hopefully this weekend.

While I was doing lots of shopping, Dale was at home prepping the raised beds with manure so that I can plant my dahlia tubers. He set up the bird baths and mowed the lawn. On Mother’s Day, Hannah came over and weeded under the pergola and around the fire pit.

There are always so many tasks this time of year and it’s a little overwhelming but I feel good about everything we got done this weekend. I still have to hang the pergola curtains and there’s always weeds to pull and all the planting has to get done but progress is a good thing.

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  1. Looks like it was a nursery weekend for many of us! You sure got some lovely plants – love all the variety and colors. Now the hard work of planting will occur!

  2. Weeded under the pergola? Hannah knows how to give a Mother’s Day gift! Your gardens are always beautiful.

  3. What a beautiful abundance! I’m so envious of your great nurseries. We only have Home Depot nearby and I have to travel almost an hour to find a well-supplied garden center. Enjoy your plants!

  4. Ooh! Gorgeous plants! I bought a few, no where near as many as you did, this weekend too but won’t get around to planting them until next weekend. Hope you had a nice Mother’s Day.

  5. All those colors are so exciting! You are really lucky to have several places to shop for plants nearby (and now I know why your garden is always so beautiful). I will keep my fingers crossed that the weather improves soon so you can get everything in the ground!

  6. What fun!! It’s been very mild here, so we’ve had some plants out for a couple of weeks already. I’m excited to drive down to my CSA farm to pick up herb, veggie & flower plants on Thursday afternoon!

  7. Lots of progress there Carole! We’re finally warming up a bit and grabbed a couple things to start. We will nursery hop soon!

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