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Merry & Bright Pillow Shams

One of the things I was super excited about when we painted our bedroom gray was that we would be able to have Christmas bedding. Seriously. Up until this spring our bedroom had blue and yellow wallpaper and that is just not a good combo with red.

Once I I had a neutral backdrop to work with I started gathering Christmas sheets and pillows. I found red checkered sheets (Dale says it’s like sleeping in a bread basket) and also red sheets with white snowflakes. (As an aside . . . can I just say how hard it is to find Christmas sheets that aren’t flannel?!? I get too hot for flannel so it’s not an option for me and I can’t be the only one who prefers percale. Don’t people in Florida want Christmas sheets?) I found red and white striped ticking to cover our big square euro pillows. But the one thing I couldn’t find was shams for our regular sized pillows.

Enter the Cricut.

I bought plain white pillow covers with pom poms on Amazon and then came up with a design for them. I went through a few iterations but finally settled on this Merry & Bright in red heat transfer vinyl.

I’m really happy with how they look with our other pillows, it’s cozy and just how I pictured it would be.

Christmas bedding designed by me. How ’bout that.

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  1. Cozy and Christmasy! (By the way, having lived in Florida, people there think it’s cold and bundle up when the temperature dips to about 58 degrees. They need and want flannel sheets.)

  2. Pottery Barn has a lot of choices for cotton Christmas sheets. I bought a set a couple of years ago with illustrated reindeer on them (that match the dishes they’ve had off and on for several years – they don’t carry the sheets any more unfortunately) and my husband calls them our “kid sheets.” Ha. Dale’s bread basket comment reminded me of that. 🙂 Anyway, they are very nice sheets!

  3. Bread basket?! ? I can just hear this at my house. Isn’t it fun to put truly personal touches in your home like those pillows?

    I love color, but haven’t persuaded my hubby to go big in paint. I’m thinking he would buy into that grey though. And you’ve given me ideas for color in doses he might be happy with. Hmmm…

  4. Too cute! We are currently having a debate about getting Christmas Gnome sheets… although, I am not winning the debate. I can hope! lol

  5. I also LOVE matching my sheets duvets to the season. Our winter duvet is a heavy Ralph Lauren that looks like an Oriental rug, and the sheets are red jersey (kids’ department, The Company Store.) It is so cozy, I could stay in bed all day, reading. Not a flannel fan – too hard to turn over!

  6. Love it-I’ve never tried flannel sheets, but love the designs they come in. I don’t think hubby would like them as he radiates heat-we use a duve-less duvet cover and are very toasty!

  7. Great pillows Carole! So festive and fun. Love the way they look. I’m a flannel sheet fan, but I don’t use blankets when those sheets are on the bed.

  8. Your bedroom is so festive and cozy! I love it! I have a neutral-backdrop bedroom, too — and I change the “look” for winter/summer. But I haven’t ever done the holiday sheets/bedding thing, although I did for the kids when they were little. I’m sure Santa Claus would approve of your bedroom! XO

  9. Very festive and a brilliant way to DIY! I have to agree with Bonny about the people in Florida. They’re so used to the hotter weather that when it gets below about 60, they break out their parkas and Uggs and complain about how cold it is. (Plus, it’s always cold inside because of all the air conditioning!)

  10. Oooh! It looks great! I’m so jealous of all the things you can do with your Cricut. I want one so badly but it will have to wait until the next house, when hopefully we’ll have internet. It’s hard to believe in this day and age that there are still locations without any internet service available.

  11. Your seasonal decorating is so much fun! Changing decor around the house is a lovely way to recognize the change and you do such a great job of making every room cheerful! Good job with your Christmas decor!

  12. LOVE it, Carole – what fun to have the decorations spread all the way to the bedroom! (are you getting Cricut $ yet?!)

  13. Those that can, DO!! good on you…love it! I can’t sleep on flannelette either. Too darn hot and sticky!!

  14. You, Carole, are a decorating fool! You come up with ideas that have never occurred to me, but then I don’t have the expertise you have in decorating. Your bedroom looks cozy and seasonal. Good job!

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