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Tuesday Whoops!

Y’all! I forgot to write a post for today! I had a Board of Selectmen’s meeting after work and I never even plugged my laptop in when I got home. Funny how this morning I still sat down to read what I wrote for today . . . Whooops.

So now I’m strapped for time because work. How about if I show you a potholder I made on vacation last month?

I have the PRO Size Friendly Loom and it makes a nice BIG 10″ potholder. My friend Sean was the first one to get one of these and he let me borrow his for a long time. Finally, though, I decided to get my own and then for vacation I borrowed his back so that Hannah and Jess and I (well, two of us at a time anyway) could make potholders together. I thought it would be a great rainy day activity. And then we didn’t have any rainy days!

We each still made a potholder, though, and it was fun. It takes about an hour to make one and I think they make great gifts, too. Christmas is coming, friends, this might be just the thing to get now and make some gifts.

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  1. Potholder loops these days are colorful and uniform. When I found a bag in the cellar, I thought hmmm, these could make good ear loops for masks. and they do!

  2. I LOVED making potholders when I was a little girl! I tried to interest Erin in making them when she was little. . . but I swear that kid had no interest in craftiness. At all. Maybe I need to dig my old loom out again — because your potholder looks AWESOME. XO

  3. “Oops!” Is when you don’t have a potholder. Looks like you have that covered in style. But do you use actually those?

  4. Love the colors and workmanship!
    Well l flew up to Guides from Brownies and promptly quit! I admire craftiness but it’s not my forte. The only way my twin and l could finally make the requisite potholder is a neighbor lent us the biggest needles imaginable to knit one. We’d be ok at the start but would make the loops tighter and tighter…

  5. So pretty and bright and cheerful. That would brighten up any kitchen (or campfire cooking!!). I used to love making those when I was a kid. I wonder what happened to my loom….

  6. I got that same loom for my little girls (5 and 7) and they can do it without much help from me! They love it when I use their potholders.

  7. To answer anybody who has not ever used one, these are the best potholders I have ever owned. I have tried others, but nothing else comes close for me. They are thick enough (if you use the cotton loops), and they are no so thick that I can’t pick up anything with one of them. I also made them as a little girl, and I got back into them a few years ago. I don’t think any of mine are quite as lovely as Carol’s, but they serve the purpose. They are very durable as well. I wish some of mine would bite the dust as they are looking ragged.

  8. I love your colors! I bought my daughter a potholder loom (a good, sturdy one) a few years ago and she was really into it for a while. Recently we talked about getting it out again to make some potholders, and now we can’t find it! I guess for the time being we’ll have to knit our potholders until we manage to unearth it.

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