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Scarlet Devil Socks

At the moment we have an antique bathtub sitting in our backyard. I’ll tell you why we have it eventually but for right now, at least, it’s become Hannah’s favorite place to hang out. She goes out there, fully clothed, and sits in this empty bathtub in the backyard. She read. She listens to music. She talks on the phone. All from an empty antique bathtub in the backyard.

When I saw her head out there the other night after dinner I went out with the finished Scarlet Devil Socks and made her put them on for me. Honestly, how often do you get to take pictures of socks in a bathtub in the backyard?

The pattern is called Cable Rib Socks and it was published in Interweave Knits back in Spring 2005. It’s also available in the book Favorite Socks. The yarn is from my wonderful friend Kim and the color is called Scarlet Devil.

Originally these wereΒ  going to be sent to a friend who loves red as much as I do. I knit them with her in mind and sized them to her feet. It was going to be a terrific surprise.

A day or two after I finished the socks I was admiring them and thinking about how I needed to get them photographed so I could send them to my friend. And that’s when I saw it. A mistake. A major mistake which meant that they were not good enough to give to a friend as special as this one.

Do you see it?

Now do you see it?

One leg is a full repeat shorter than the other. I do not know how this happened. I took notes while I knit the first sock. I consulted my notes frequently while I knit the second sock. I knew exactly how many repeats I needed to knit on the leg and yet I knit one less. Apparently I cannot count.

I know I could go back and fix this but it would mean ripping out that entire foot and heel and going all the way back to the leg. I’m not doing that. Luckily they fit Hannah and she doesn’t mind the discrepancy in the length of the legs. She used to be a lot pickier so I’m sort of surprised that she likes them with this flaw.

Then again, she likes sitting in an empty antique bathtub in the backyard.

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  1. Beautiful socks, no matter the length discrepancy – I wear socks under jeans, anyway, so no one sees the tops.

    And I cannot stop laughing!

  2. They’re beautiful …. Are you exactly one repeat too long? Why can’t you rip from the top of the too-long one and bind off loosely?

  3. The best laid plans … well, if nothing else, the socks gave you a great excuse to photograph Hannah in the antique bathtub in the backyard! And, it makes me feel a whole lot better about when I find a mistake after I’ve finished knitting something. Just sayin’ ! They’re lovely, despite the error, and Hannah will give them a warm and loving home πŸ™‚

  4. Oh dear! That sinking feeling when you find the mistake is just awful. I was wondering the same thing as Ruth, but understand that if you are like me they would still be unworthy of gifting. Alas, I’m too much of a perfectionist. However, they do like great on Hannah’s tootsies especially in the antique tub! Will it be a planter or are you remodeling??

  5. i used to do the very same thing when i lived in east bridgewater in the 1970s– we had an old bathtub, too, but ours didn’t look as good as this. i’d read, get my tan on, and then i’d look just right to sneak into bars with friends (brant, vicky) so we could hear dale and the duds. πŸ™‚

    i love red socks. they are the warmest and the coolest, if you know what i mean.

  6. The socks are lovely and nobody will notice if you wear them
    under jeans!! And I love the photos in the old tub!! So
    very clever. I would imagine Hannah is finding the bathtub
    a cooler place to sit in the heat!!

  7. Oh dear! That kind of error happens to me all the time and I wear the socks (or whatever) despite the problem. At least you know the socks are loved. You can send me mistake socks any time. πŸ˜‰

  8. What a stunning color! They’re beautiful socks, Carole. And I bet it makes you feel great to know they’ll be gracing Hannah’s feet — length discrepancy or no!

  9. How cute is that? I think you should keep that tub for use as amazing photo prop for knitting! One of the girls’ 2nd grade teachers had one in her classroom with some pillows in it — the kids used it as a place to get cozy for reading, too! I can’t wait to hear about your plans.

  10. Funny story! Beautiful socks — they’d make a nice man’s sock, methinks. And if you’re not going to use that beautiful tub inside, I’d be happy to drive down and relieve you of it…..

  11. Ha! I have a pair of socks like that – I wear them with jeans, and no one ever has to know.

    Your socks are gorgeous, even with the slight miscalculation. Beautifully knit, and the color is just stunning.

  12. I thought those kinds of things only happened to me…Not so much anymore, cause I knit my socks TAAT, but still…

    Bummer for your friend who is not getting the socks, but it’s a win for Hannah. The socks really are lovely.

    And that tub in the backyard is awesome!

  13. You are not alone. The funny thing is I did the very same thing on a pair of socks using your picot pattern. They were for me so I just deal, but still it is a bit silly.

  14. I make mistakes on socks all the time, in fact, I doubt I’ve ever made a perfect pair! I agree with some other comments, that having a pair of hand knit socks is special, and a little flub here and there is proof they didn’t come out of a machine. They’re lovely, and I adore the color.

  15. the longer I knit the more I understand that I can not count to 10 and repeat at the same time! Beautiful socks!

  16. Fabulous pics!!! The tub is WONDERFUL!!! and the socks are beautiful, too πŸ™‚
    I wear my socks scrunched…no one can tell when they’re not the same…just how I love them.

  17. Beautiful socks and a girl aftermy own heart! My mother has a garden tub right in the middle of her bathroom. I sit in the dry tub and visit with her while she puts on her face. It has a great view of her flower garden. No frosted glass. It’s just like sitting outside.

  18. lol…. great socks, but I was picky too until I went to college and things weren’t magically paid for…lol. πŸ™‚ Broadening of my mind due to the echoes in my wallet! πŸ™‚

  19. I love the bathtub! It would made a wonderful flower bed! I also love the red socks, even with the length discrepancy. I knit a pair from this pattern and they are one of my favorites. Fun pictures!

  20. Hmm…this is the sort of thing that makes me glad I knit toe-up!
    But I’m very glad that Hannah likes them as they are (and the photos in the bathtub are genius!

  21. Even with the mistake those socks are gorgeous. I bet your friend would love them anyway. I do love the bathtub shots. I can’t wait to hear the reason it’s in your yard. I bet it’s a great one.

  22. I did the same thing with a pair of fingerless gloves one time…oh, well! I love the vintage bathtub but I’d want it filled with cushions before I spent time in it!

  23. So funny that Hannah is hanging out in the bathtub. I love it! Great socks – sorry to hear about the mistake. πŸ™

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