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Easter Egg Socks

You may recall that I have, errrr, a bit of sock yarn. And the thing is, I love all of it. That can make it tricky to decide which yarn to use when casting on a pair of socks so I generally try to match the yarn with the season or something else going on, like Project Spectrum. That’s why I’m currently knitting red socks for the month of May.

It’s also why I knit these socks for the month of April. The yarn is from Yarn Pirate and is indeed called, “Easter Egg, ” a perfectly fitting yarn for last month.

The colors are pretty and springy and lovely.

I especially love how the stripes came out on the toes.

Unlike most socks I’ve knit, these don’t have a recipient just yet. As much as I love the colors they just aren’t really me so these will be held until the right person claims them.

I’m sure it won’t take long.

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  1. I like your theming idea. I was having a tough time picking a yarn for the current pair. I ended up with whatever I last bought (from October at Stitches). Weak reason.

  2. Love the colors and the striping … perfect socks for days like today! I’m positive they’ll find the perfect home soon 🙂

  3. As soon as I saw the first photo, and before I even read your text, my immediate thought was “Easter Egg!” 🙂 What a lovely pair of socks — so spring-y and fresh. I’m always a fan of your picot edging.

  4. Still haven’t mastered picking up and knitting off the sock hem, so I leave a long tail and sew it down later — not quite as stretchy, though. Maybe I need new glasses!

  5. Me, me, me, me! just kidding hahaha
    No, seriously they are about as fun as socks get!! They will brighten someone specials day!

  6. No Margene! I want them!!! They’re mine!!! (Just kidding…)

    Actually, not kidding, but I know your family has first dibs.

    They are very cute.

  7. This socks scream “SPRING!” Fun, fun, fun. You’ve got some terrific girls in your life. I’m surprised one of them hasn’t nabbed them!

  8. Those are adorable & look very Easter & spring like! I just love your idea of themeing your socks. Would you mind if I give that a try to? It just might help me work through that ummm “extra sock yarn”. What can I say, I don’t buy anything I don’t really love! 🙂

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