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Kim’s Socks

My sock knitting goal for the year is one pair of socks per month. When I went to SPA in February I was a bit ahead of that goal and was just starting my March socks. The yarn I chose, in keeping with the spirit of SPA, was Sophie’s Toes in the color Just A Small Gathering of Friends. This yarn was Emily’s entry into the Dye for Glory contest for Sock Summit and I thought it was the perfect choice to take with me for my own gathering of friends.

I started knitting and was honestly not loving the way the colors looked knitted up. I kept at it, though, because I was determined and, hell, I had started and that was enough for me.

I was delighted – absolutely delighted – Saturday night when Kim reached over and fondled them and commented on how much she loved the colors. I instantly offered to knit them for her.

Kim is such a sweet person and a wonderful friend and I was just thrilled with the chance to do something special for her in the way of hand knit socks.

I finished them up on April 2nd (slightly behind schedule) and made a pretty sock label for them (tutorial here because I know someone will ask) and finally mailed them North last week.

I hope Kim loves them as much as I love her!

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  1. I love the sock label! I’ll definitely have to try making one of those. Lucky Kim, those are beautiful socks! My monthly knitting goals have been derailed due to baby gift knitting. I’ll get back on target in May.

  2. Thank you as always, Carole, for sharing your tips and ideas. I love the
    label and it is a great idea. I will definitely be looking into doing the same.
    The socks look great and there is nothing like having a friend to knit a gift
    for! I love her yarn.

  3. Kim does not enjoy knitting the second sock so this pair should make her very happy. Having something hand knit by a friend is one of the biggest joys of life. She’ll love them!!

  4. I’ve done picot edge on the majority of my plain vanilla socks – love it. It just adds that “little something.”

    The socks are lovely…I know Kim will be proud to wear them.

  5. Awww, that is perfect! SO glad she liked them and you found them the perfect home! That is what it is all about anyhow…..phoey on all this frogging business. Once a sock is knit, it should nt be frogged!

  6. Oooh. So pretty, Carole. And what a wonderful friend! I wish I’ve parted with a few pairs of socks, though it has been with reluctance as I love my socks. But the glee of the recipient is even better!

  7. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE these socks!! Margene is so right…I hate knitting that second sock and having a pair that is not only finished but made by the hands of my dear friend makes them extra special!!


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