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Happy Birthday, America!

Every year Dale’s band works several  jobs on the Fourth of July, including playing in the Plymouth Fourth of July Parade. It’s been years since I’ve gone with him but this year I got inspired and I went along. Going to this parade, as with so many parades, is an exercise in “hurry up and wait.” You’ve got to get up early and get ready and get there but then you wait around until start time.

That waiting around goes pretty quickly, though, as people decorate their floats.

And meet celebrities. That’s our friend Joe with Gail Huff, wife of Senator Scott Brown. I also met the senator but I was more excited to meet Gail, having watched her for years on our ABC news affiliate. She was very friendly and she and I chatted for a bit about her husband’s politics and voting record. I think I managed to not insult him but also made a point or two about what I expect from my senator.

Almost before I knew it the parade was ready to step off. The band rides on the back of a flat bed truck and we follow behind in our Suburban,  towing the band’s equipment trailer. My view for most of the parade route is of my husband’s ass. Nothing wrong with that.

When I’m not gazing at Dale I’m looking out the window at the spectators. I love seeing everyone in their red white and blue. The adults are often dancing to the music and the kids are adorable and everyone is in a great mood.

I’ve decided there are basically two types of people in the world: those who wave at parades and those who don’t. I’ve always been a waver and after having marched in more than a few parades I’ve come to see just how important those waves are. Riding in a truck like I was doing on Monday is easy but trudging along can get tiring and it’s amazing how a wave and a smile from someone watching the parade can  really motivate you to continue.

I think this guy got lost on his way to a Jimmy Buffett contest because I honestly can’t think of a single reason for someone to be dressed as a parrot on the 4th of July.

By 12:30 I was home and watching Joey Chestnut win the Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest and Dale was off to his next job. The rest of the day was a bit lonely as he didn’t get home until well after I had gone to bed but the morning at the parade was fantastic.

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  1. I also met Gail Huff and her husband last summer when their daughter was singing at Rockport’s new music hall. He strode right up to me at intermission and introduced himself. All the many things I could have said departed my brain. Although we deplore his party’s political stance in our commonwealth and nationwide, we have to admit that he is very good looking……and we plan to devote ourselves to electing a Democratic Senator so he can take his good lookingness back to his home town and private life.

  2. Your parrot comment made me laugh. I’m not a big fan of attending parades, but I am most definitely a waver when I do go!

  3. I’m a waver! I loved parades when I was a kid, and I loved taking my own kids to parades when they were little. It’s been a while now, though, since I’ve been to a parade. Thanks for sharing yours!

  4. I used to be in the marching band. From that perspective there were two kinds of kids who were spectators: those who threw spitballs and those who didn’t. These days I only see parades if I happen to be in the neighborhood of one which is rarely, even though here in Manhattan we have some pretty colorful ones.

    This 4th we cycled to my community garden and had a lovely potluck BBQ with the other members. Then we came home and went down to the corner to see a bit of the fireworks.

    Sorry you were lonely; hope you got some knitting done.

  5. It looks like a lovely parade. People from Louisiana have a unique outlook on parades. Any parade–Fourth of July, St. Pat’s.championship celebration,etc.–has to have throws! Any thing will do, but of course beads and doubloons are favored. It is sometimes hard for us to identify with people sitting calmly in grandstands or standing on the roadside, no matter how gorgeous the floats, when there are no throws. Mardi Gras has ruined us, in more ways than one I fear!
    P.S. We even have whole stores that sell beads year round! And other things to throw.

  6. We went to the Woodstock jamboree with great food, wonderful strawberry shortcake (home made), rootbeer floats, frog jumping, firemans muster and a great parade around the common (twice) full of children on bikes, doll carriages, antique cars and all let by Uncle Sam on stilts!

  7. Utah has one of the biggest parades in the country on the 24th. I haven’t been in years. Sorry you were lonely on the 4th. I wasn’t doing much and maybe I should have called!

  8. Liked your point about wavers vs. non; not unlike commenters, etc. Communication, response — all more important than we sometimes think. You were kind to Gail Huff, one of my least favorite people on earth; I can’t bear the way she used to milk the emotion in every situation — so unprofessional. And her husband — with luck we’ll vote him out. You were both professional and honest, thank heavens. And you know how to enjoy and appreciate the big and little things in your life. Enjoy your summer!

  9. Your morning sounds like fun! I’m sorry your afternoon was a drag, but hopefully you got to knit or spin some!

  10. I’m a waver! The parade looks like fun – and glad you went. And, I agree with you – there was nothing wrong with your view! 🙂

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