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Last Saturday we went to see Jimmy Buffett for the 5th year in a row. If you’ve never experience tailgating at one of these events, well, it’s sort of hard to explain.

There are costumes.

Lots and lots of costumes. We call this one on Dale A Pirate Looks at Sixty. If you’re a parrothead you’ll get the reference.

People dress as pirates and mermaids and hula girls. Men wear bras and women flash their boobs and crazy things happen.

There are games. People create board games like Wheel of Fortune. And Shotz of Luck. You play these games and they give you food and drink.

People build blenders that run on weed wacker mowers.

And cook all kinds of delicious food – there is lots of food in the Buffett parking lot. There are cheeseburgers and clams.

There are huge sausages and snacks of all kind.

Of course there is some drinking. I always bring a nice big bottle of Patron.

Other people shotgun beer.

And drink from skis with shot glasses attached to them.

Everyone is in a good mood and super friendly.

Is there any wonder it’s my favorite day of the year?

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  1. Never been to one, but I have been to the bar where Jimmy wrote Cheeseburger in Paradise.

  2. I’ve got to crank up some Jimmy Buffett now…you’ve got me hankering for a margarita or two! That looks like a TON of fun!!

  3. Hey, it looks like you’ve now qualified to attend an LSU (Louisiana State University) football game. You’ll fit right in!

    So, how was the concert itself?

  4. I’m not a huge Buffet fan, but the tailgating looks like more fun than the concert! My friends who usually go actually skipped this year but they have a blast each and every time they went.

    I’m liking the shots on a ski idea. Very original!

  5. What a GREAT time! So tomorrow are we going to see how magnificent the pirate’s wench looks??

  6. NOTHING better than a Buffett concert and the pre-concert activities! Wish I was there. Now will have to go see if I can get tickets for when he is here. . . . . . And figure out how to make a blender using a weed wacker motor.

  7. OK, now you did it. I had to go put some Jimmy on. Now I need to find the tequila. It’s all your fault.

    The shot glass ski just cracks me up.

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