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Play Ball!

Last Wednesday night, while pretty much all of my friends were watching the Boston Bruins win The Stanley Cup, Dale and I went to our first Brockton Rox game of the season. The stadium was pretty deserted, as one would expect on such a big night for local sports fans, but we still had a great time.

We drank beer and ate hot dogs.

We cracked up at the local score board, which generally reflects the score of a Red Sox game if they are playing at the same time as the Rox, but on this particular night the sign had been modified to post the score of the hockey game.

We watched the Rox play the best game we’ve seen them play in quite a few seasons, beating the other team soundly.

And we think the credit needs to go to this guy – someone we both admired greatly back in the day.

Yes, that’s Bill Buckner, former Red Sox, notably remembered for letting the ball go right between his legs during game six of the 1986 World Series.

I had such a crush on him  back then. He’s still pretty cute and, while Dale hasn’t completely forgiven him for that play 25 years ago, I’m willing to overlook things if he can make the Rox play better.


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  1. Nice to support those local teams! I’m not much of a hockey fan, but the Bruins sure made it exciting.

  2. OMG! Every time I see Buckner I can remember exactly where I was, where I was sitting, what I was eating, and how I felt! The Rox are a great team and I LOVE local baseball.

  3. Is that a minor league feeder team for the Sox? That is so cool that Buckner is still involved. Great way to spend a summer night!

  4. Can’t wait to go to a Rox game with you guys this summer! It’s always a fun evening & Buckner is definitely going to be a great addition to the team 🙂

  5. It has been too wet for us to see the local ball team. As soon as the weather improves we’ll go. How fun to see a star of the past. We see them, mostly, on the way up!

  6. I have yet to get to the Brockton Rox. We usually go see the Pawsox, which we did on Friday night – despite the rain. I’m always up for a good opportunity to sit and knit and watch some baseball!

  7. We don’t see nearly as many baseball games since Daria started playing softball. I used to love minor league games.

  8. Bill Buckner lived in Idaho, owned a car dealership, and he and I got our hair done at the same place. He’s really as good looking in person as you imagine he would be. Very manly. Curtis Sigers and Barbara Morgan went there as well. Idaho celebrity sightings!

  9. Bill Buckner was a Chicago Cub before he went to the Red Sox. It was a very sad day for Cub fans when he was traded as he was a fan favorite. He was the full package great looking and he could play. lol!
    Thanks for the eye candy.

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