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July Socks

I decided to get back to Project Spectrum for July so I chose a ball of Zauberball Crazy in shades of blue for my monthly sock project.

I’ve been anxious to try this yarn since I first got it so I was quite excited about starting these socks. I have to say, while there’s nothing truly wrong with the yarn, that it did not live up to the hype.

The way it’s wound made it tangle quite frequently and, while the tweedy shades are pretty, I feel it’s rather soft to hold up well as socks.

Frankly, the whole thing reminds me of Trekking, which is cheaper and wears like iron, so I’m thinking it might be better to just stick with that in the future.

That said, they are lovely and the color changes are subtle and attractive. And the more pictures I took, the more I fell in love with these socks.

Despite my disappointment in the yarn, a new pair of socks in such stunning colors is something to be glad about.

I am also glad that I am on track with my goal of one pair of socks/month, making this the 7th pair of socks for 2011. And they haven’t even all been for me.

How’s that for a change?

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  1. I love the color! I bought a couple of skeins a year or so ago. I started one sock and to be honest – I know damn well that this will never last as socks. I will end up with a hole in the heel after a couple of times of wearing it.

    I didn’t finish the sock and I will probably make something else with it.

    Yours came out great!

  2. Those are really nice. Color me jealous. I’ve lost the sock knitting mojo of late but I’ve got a fall colored Zauberball. Perhaps …

  3. They are pretty, but what a shame that they won’t wear well.

    Trekking is an old friend for me, as I use it in patterns like “Jaywalking”. I like it’s price, too.

  4. I have a ball in my stash; I think I’ll use it for Baktus. Too bad though. Those color changes are divine!

  5. I made socks out of this yarn, and I find they are wearing just fine. I have started a second pair in a different color because they are, in fact, my favorite pair in the current rotation. YMMV.

  6. Glad to hear your opinion of the yarn, since I blow through socks faster than your average handknit wearer. Which makes it really unfortunate that looking at your photos of these makes me want to knit some.

  7. Nice job Carole and great review. ALways helps me to hear how the socks actually knit up and wear for my future purchases

  8. pretty pretty colors to look at! (I have a ball in my stash, but I think it’s going to become a scarf 🙂

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