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Knit Socks!

Wow! Thank you all so much for the deluge of comments on last Thursday’s post. I really appreciate that many of you took the time to de-lurk and introduce yourselves. I loved the comments from my long time readers and friends, too. I certainly didn’t mean to make any of you think that I was considering giving up the blog because that’s certainly not the case. I love writing it and sharing my life with all of you and I have every intention of continuing. I couldn’t imagine not having the connection to this community we’ve all built.

Speaking of community, Kathy and I have decided it’s time for a knit along. We want you all to knit socks (any pattern you like) and we’d love it if you’d knit those socks with Woolen Rabbit sock yarn. Kim is such a sweet friend of ours and she dyes gorgeous colors and we think you should all give her yarn a try. Of course you are free to choose any of Kim’s colors that appeal to you but Kathy and I will be knitting our socks with “Pussywillow” and we’d love it if you all used that color, too.

In fact, I’m giving away this skein of Pussywillow to get a lucky reader started. Just leave a comment on this post telling me the name of your favorite sock pattern and you’ll be automatically entered in the contest. And just for the sake of closure, let’s say the contest is open until midnight on Wednesday, 8/17.

A contest and a knit along. How’s that for jump starting this ole knitting blog?

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  1. So far my favorite sock pattern has been Spring Forward socks. It’s a pattern I found on

    I really enjoy your blog, thanks 🙂

  2. My that is lovely yarn! I think Cookie A’s Monkeys are the most fun I’ve ever had knitting socks. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. wow- what a gorgeous color! i’ve always wanted to knit with Kim’s yarns, but i’m on a yarn diet right now. we are trying to buy a house and saving every penny (it’s rather annoying, actually).
    anyway- my favorite pattern is the Mad Color Weave socks. the pair i made myself is my absolute all-time favorite and i wear them all the time as soon as the weather turns.

  4. I love the Pussywillow color, and I’m dyeing (pun intented) to try yarn from Woolen Rabbit.

    I’m knew to sock knitting. I’ve made about 7 pairs in the last 8 months. So far my favorite pattern is the pair I just finished:

    Waving Lace by Evelyn Clark

    I love the cuff treatment. A close 2nd is Friday Harbor by Nancy Bush. Gorgeous cuff and lace pattern with enough rib to stay up – a very fast knit too!

    Love your website!

  5. Maybe a knitalong will kick me into high gear and I can finish the pair I started back in spring… it is starting to get cool in the early morning. I loves me a plain vanilla sock with a picot edging – the kind I have seen both you and our dear mutual friend Sallee make several times. Fancy yet comfortable to wear. OK, I will have to order some Pussywillow if I don’t win, and cast on a pair for myself… beautiful color choice!

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