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Sock Yarn Winner

I knew a contest would generate a lot of comments and I’m glad to have received every one of them. It was especially fun to read about everyone’s favorite sock pattern. Turns out there are a lot of us who like a “plain vanilla” sock and I think that’s a very good thing. The Monkey Sock pattern was mentioned many times and certain designers, like Cookie A. and Anne Hanson came up over and over. Some of you have excellent taste and chose my Picot Edge Sock pattern as your favorite.

Only one of you, however, can be a winner (I always want to say wiener, you know) and this time our winning number, as chosen by the Random Number Generator, is #56. Commenter number 56 was Susan, a long time friend and occasional commenter – perfect. Congratulations, Susan! I hope you’ll love your skein of Woolen Rabbit Sock Yarn.

As for me, I’ll be knitting with this:

A pretty cake of Sunshine Yarn superwash merino in the color Fades Away.

The colors remind me of the blue ocean and sunset filled sky on Cape Cod so they will be perfect for my vacation knitting.

And we won’t talk about how the name Fades Away is reminiscent of what my summer is now doing.


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  1. The yarn colors could also match the sunset here in Maine! I’ll have to wait to start my Woolen Rabbit socks until we get back home as I didn’t pack the yarn. Packed a bunch of other yarn,but not the Scottish heather. Congrats to Susan!

  2. I have used Sunshine yarn before. Nice yarn and I love the colors you are using. Have a great time at the Cape – I will be
    there right after Labor Day for a couple of weeks. Can’t wait.
    Sending good weather wishes your way for the vacation week!!
    One of these days I AM going to try your picot edge pattern!!

  3. And you know.. whatever she knits, she’ll likely only have 3 inches of yarn left at the end of the pair! 🙂 Congrats, Susan!

  4. Susan will love the Woolen Rabbit yarn and color! Summer is fading fast! I’m going to miss you while you’re vacationing!

  5. Good for Susan! I ordered a browny blue color of Woolen Rabbit yarn as a special treat for myself, and I can’t wait to see it.

    It will be great to see everyone’s projects at some point.

    Have a great vacation, Carole!

  6. Congrats Susan! Sunshine yarn is just gorgeous-perfect choice for knitting on the Cape. Have a wonderful vacation, Carole!

  7. Enjoy summer as much as you can on your vacation! Are you doing a knitalong badge? I printed off your pattern and will be getting some yarn going.

  8. I’m having so much fun reading Sock Innovation; I may need to buy my own copy. It’s so much more than a pattern book. I think I’ll be knitting from there, but have yet to hone in on one sock.

  9. I’m going to cast on this am with Jojoland, Melody Superwash in color #16 (Tealish blues & greens). I am going to try your Picot Edge Sock. Can’t wait to see how they look with this yarn.

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