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Flaming Monkey Socks

I told you yesterday that Hannah brought some mementos from home to make her dorm room feel special. I left one other thing with her that will definitely make her feel special.

Maybe I should say two other things because what I left with her was a pair of new hand knit socks. I told her to think of them as a birthday/going back to college present.

Hannah actually chose the yarn and the pattern herself. It didn’t surprise me that the yarn she chose was Vesper Sock Yarn but I was surprised that she chose a pattern instead of a plain pair of socks. She came downstairs with two different skeins of yarn and asked me how they would each look when knit.

I went on Ravelry and showed her some socks made with each and she actually saw a pair of Monkey Socks that were knit with this particular yarn and she fell in love with them.

I think she was a bit hesitant to ask me to knit these because she thought they were too complicated for me. I like to let her think that I’m especially clever so I didn’t let on that the pattern is one of my favorites, super simple, and easily memorized.

We’re both very pleased with them and I love knowing that she has them with her at school.  I always tell her –  a pair of hand knit socks from mom is the next best thing to a hug.

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  1. You were knitting your first Monkey’s on a trip here to SLC. Remember? Monkey’s have special memories because of it. Hannah looks very happy to have her fancy, happy new Monkeys!!

  2. I love that she thought they might be too complicated for you! They’re lovely and I’m sure she’ll get many happy hours and warm memories from wearing them.

  3. They are fantastic. Your daughter has her mother’s eye for a killer combo. And then throw in that electric smile? Dynamite!

  4. Awwww… she looks SO happy! The Monkey socks are great! I’ve also knit Monkeys for my youngest who is also in her second year in college.

  5. Oh, yeah! There’s nothing like wrapping your kiddo in a hand-knit! (And even better when they helped pick it out.) Love!

  6. I have been on vacation and then had no power due to Irene and then had to play major catch-up so I am now catching up on your blog. Great looking socks and beautiful daughter! It does get easier to drop them off, but it is still bittersweet. My younger son, now 24, said upon receipt of his first (men’s size 12 no less) hand knit socks, “Mom, thanks, it’s like you gave me hugs for my feet.” Needless to say, he’s gotten several more very large pairs.

  7. how true how true, or a hat from mom. I’ll have to try the monkey if it is so easy to recall! I love the yarn she chose. She looks very very happy at school. Is there more??? Good for her

  8. I love the combination of yarn and pattern. Very nice! (And very funny that she thought they might be too complicated for you.)

  9. Your kid has great taste in both yarn and sock patterns 😉 How funny that she thought they’d be too difficult for you to knit, hehe!

  10. Beautiful socks and daughter. She looks happy there which makes the drop-off so much easier. Have you tried the No-Purl Monkeys?

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