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Faded Glory Socks

My September socks are finished.

I started these during our Cape Cod vacation. I wanted beach knitting that was simple so that I could enjoy looking around, so that I could drop them in my bag to go play in the water, and so that I could drink beer and not worry about making a mistake. Naturally I used my picot edge sock pattern.

While knitting them on the beach one afternoon my dear friend Doreen admired them. She exclaimed over the softness of the yarn. Β She admired the beautiful colors. And she contemplated the incredible feeling of warmth that must come when wearing a pair of hand knit wool socks.

I don’t think she was fishing for me to give them to her.

So of course that’s just what I have done.

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  1. You are such a good friend! I need to dig through my stash and cast on a pair of picot socks. I almost always have some on the needles but I have been spending all the free time weaving that darn wedding blanket!! Oh – and knitting the occasional shawl.

  2. The gift of a handknit is special! Now handknits socks are another beast. Once Doreen has worn them, she will become and addict. There is nothing like it. Yours are beautiful as always.

  3. Sometimes a yarn doesn’t live up to its first impression once knit. Such was NOT the case with these socks. I loved this color before you knit them and now, as socks, I love them even more! What a perfect pair to welcome in the new season. You are a good friend, Carole!

  4. The socks are really beautiful – gotta love those colors and the way they make that spiral stripe around the sock. Luck Doreen to have such a kind friend.
    But here we go – I have a question for you. I LOVE the picot edge for socks – It’s what I use probably 90% of the time, But usually I will knit between 9 and 12 rows before I do the eyelett for the turn. I looked at these and see you knit maybe 6 rows before the turn. I’m always afraid that my little picot hem will lay down on my leg if I don’t put in more rows. Am I wrong? Does a 6 row hem stand up straight? (Please say yes, please say yes). Thanks –
    Liz in Missouri

  5. Please tell us what the yarn is. I bet it’s your fav..vesper? They are truly beautiful and I wnat to make a pair!!!

  6. Gorgeous knitting and yarn! And such a generous friend. I’ve been meaning to ask…where can I find your picot edge sock pattern? It is SO perfect for variegated yarn!

  7. Oh, I love those socks…pretty color and a great pattern. I do like your pattern – am starting my next pair of socks using your pattern! (First time!)

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