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Boogie Man Socks

Nothing screams Socktoberfest like a pair of socks made from Knitterly Things sock yarn in a Halloween inspired combination.

Aren’t they awesome? The color is called “Boogie Man” and I just love the combo of orange, purple and black. I don’t know how Julia gets those stripes to match so perfectly but they always do – from their picot edges right down to their toes. It must be magic.

They are perfect for Halloween and I’m thrilled that they are finished in time to actually wear them before the holiday.

Now where’s that witchiepoo costume?

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  1. Another pair of halloween inspired socks to lust after…you had another pair last halloween or so that I loved also!

    Love this color combination!

  2. OMGosh, so in love with that yarn and those socks!!! They couldn’t be more perfect for Halloween. And the name, awesome 🙂

  3. I had not thought of Witchiepoo in years! Thanks for the blast from the past, and the sock viewing.

  4. *Love* them!! Perfect for this time of year. Now I wish I’d gotten my butt in gear & frogged the Halloween socks I started last year. Booo me!

  5. I have to echo the rest here and say that I love them. They are perfect. I love the combination too. Soooo cute!

  6. Halloween PERFECTION! So very cool, Carole. I was just showing my girls some H.R. Puffinstuff footage off youtube the other day. That and Scooby Doo keep me happy on a Saturday morning. Enjoy those awesome socks!!

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