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Sunday Socks

I don’t know if I will post something about socks for every Sunday this month but for today at least I’m going with alliteration and talking about socks on Sunday.

Right now I have 2 different socks in progress. This is atypical of me but, you see, one pair is a patterned pair. They are fun and I love them but I have to follow a pattern when I’m knitting them and that means I can’t knit them in the car or at a meeting or while watching important things on TV like football.

So I cast on for a pair of picot edge socks. I started them in the car today on the way home from West Springfield. And you can bet I’ll be knitting away while I watch the Pats this afternoon.

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  1. I should keep a plain pair of socks going too, but I don’t. I have more sock yarn than I know what to do with. You must have known we would ask – what is the pattern for the gray pair? It is lovely!

  2. I always have at least 2 projects on the needles for that very reason. One project usually requires paying attention to a pattern, and one is something I can do quite mindlessly. Right now the pattern requiring attention is a Christmas stocking for my 3.5 month old grandson with a good-sized face of Santa Claus near the top of the stocking. So much counting of stitches and paying attention to carrying the yarn so it’s there when I need it again! At the moment, the more mindless knitting is a Corrugator scarf for the Red Scarf project.

    Love the patterned socks in your picture. VERY pretty! And some Sunday, you could do a post on a Sunday scarf, and it would still be alliterative!

  3. sunday socks is a great idea… I’m thinking about “sunday in the park” for mine. and what about those super-cute sock project bags? where’d you get them?

  4. It’s going to be fun to read you everyday of the week this month. Love your picot sock color! Is the fancier sock for Dale or you?

  5. Sunday Socks! I love it. What is the lovely yarn for these foot warmers? I only have a three pair of knit socks ( I know, I know), but my did they come in handy when we had no power for two days. I even slept in a pair by the fireplace 🙂

  6. socks would be a welcome releif… i’m woking on a cabled cardigan at the moment, and need to finsih soon! I am a bit curious about your project bags under your socks… did you make them?

  7. Sunday Socks…fab idea! Love the ones you have going, and I too would like to know the pattern of the grey pair…it looks familiar but I just can’t place it 🙂

  8. Socks are still on my list of knitting projects I want to learn. I love the owl bag – may I ask where you got it???

  9. Such pretty socks, colors, and bags! I’m well on my way into a pair of Monkey socks. I’ve knit these a few times, but have never kept a pair for myself. I just might keep these!

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