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Sunday Socks

I had a lot of time to kill while I sat and waited for files to upload over the last few days. Of course I spent it knitting.

Not only did I finish the foot of the first sock but I was able to cast on and knit a few inches of the second. That kind of productivity makes me happy.

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  1. Carole

    In the wee wee hours , 0400 to be exact, when I had a second at work last night…I figured out your picot edging…

  2. Glad to hear you got some knitting done while you waited for the computer to do it’s thing! lovely!

  3. Very pretty. I’m not a big fan of pink, but this is a nice dusty rose that is lovely with the saffron. My feet would wear those with happiness, as I am sure yours will 🙂

  4. So something good happened while the computer torture took place. There’s a “Ta Da!” for you!

    I cast on two picots cuffs on Thanksgiving. Knitting socks for my teaching partner. I’ll send you a pic when I finish!

  5. Absolutly loved your ideas for all the holidays. Especially loved your knit socks which I’m sure you’ve got for every occasion 🙂 Not much of a knitter, but i’ve crochet a few. Great idea for gift giving. Thanks.

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