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Roommate Socks

My daughter Hannah is very fortunate to have a wonderful college roommate. She and Karly met last year and they are like peas and carrots, they just go together. Karly makes Hannah a better student and a neater roommate, and, well, I’m not sure exactly what Hannah does for Karly other than make her happy. That’s pretty good, though, and I’m relatively certain that these two have forged a life long friendship. So what’s a mom to do to show a young lady how happy she is that she’s in her daughter’s life?

Make her socks, of course.

The socks should be knit from the mom’s own special pattern.

And they should include the roommate’s favorite color, purple.

They should be soft and warm delivered just in time for Christmas.

Mission Accomplished.

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  1. the socks are so pretty–they look like a perfect color for Karly. And, how lucky Hannah is to have a great roomie.

  2. Beautiful sock—love the colors and your cute picot edge! Thoughtful gift! Glad Hannah has such a good roommate, and so does Karly!

  3. Just reading freshman student journals(reflections on their first semester in college) and re-discovering how hit-or-miss the roommate situation can be. For every student who tells me how much he/she gets along with the roommate(s), there is one who can’t wait to change roommates! Lucky for Hannah that this worked out so well; and lucky for Karly to have a roommate who has a knitter for a mother!

  4. Such a beautiful gift. Socks is the one knitted item I never worked on. I am always tempted but I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it right

  5. Karly’s delight show on her face! You are a super-mom to give such a thoughtful and caring gift to Hannah’s roommate. Yay for you all!

  6. I just love your picot edging! The colors are so cheery and spring-like. Can you believe I saw forsythia wreaths at Joanne’s yesterday!

  7. Those are perfectly lovely socks! I hope Karly joins the hand knit sock lovers group! These make a generous present and a nice sentiment Carole.

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