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Socks of 2011

I finished my 12th pair of socks for 2011 on Saturday – just under the wire. I’ll show you glamour shots of those on Wednesday Thursday, but in the meantime here is a mosaic of my sock knitting for 2011.

I love seeing them all together like that. I also love knowing that 6 of those pairs of socks are being worn by people I love.

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  1. I was considering a pair of socks a month for one of my NY resolutions, and after seeing your wonderful collection, and knowing you accomplished this while doing many other things, its’s definite. Thanks for once again being an inspiration for me. And Happy New Year!

  2. Wow! You’ve knit as many socks as I have total projects! They’re all wonderful and you must be happy to have so many toes warmed by your craft.

  3. Your socks are fantastic! A knitting friend once told me she figured out there are as many stitches in a pair of socks as there are in a sweater…you’ve knit 12 sweaters worth of socks! Happy New Year!

  4. “…and the other six pairs, having been infused with a potion concocted of eye of newt and hair of bat and sap of nightshade, belladonna, and monkshood, are being worn by people I hate.”

    Sorry, the devil made me do it 😉

  5. I was getting ready to type a comment about the other 6 pair being worn by people you don’t like, but see that others have beat me to it!! Nice group of socks – all so pretty. I like the idea of making a calendar from the photos!

  6. A grand collection! I especially like the final ones in the bottom right hand corner. Very nice, indeed.

  7. Great collection of socks Carole and congratulations! I hope you are just as fruitful this year….Happy New Year and all the best!

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