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Wintermint Socks

I promised you glamour shots of my last pair of socks for 2011 and I always deliver on my blog promises so here they are.

You’ve seen this picture already but it’s bigger this time and these socks are so lovely I don’t think you’ll mind seeing it again. I’m sure you recognize the yarn as Knitterly Things Vesper Sock Yarn. It’s my favorite of all sock yarns and for good reason. The colors are always beautiful, it’s soft and it wears really well.

Of course the most amazing thing about this sock yarn is the striping. Julia’s stripes match perfectly every time. Truly.

The stripes are so perfect that I don’t even have to measure the length of the leg or the foot, I just count the stripes. This makes for very quick progress on sock #2, and that was a lucky break last week as I raced towards finishing them.

Since I didn’t finish them in time for Christmas I will tuck them away and not wear them until next December. It’s like I’ve already got a present finished. It’s a present for me but those are the best kind of presents!

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  1. I love these! I haven’t tried this yarn, but think I need to give it a go. I love how beautifully they stripe.

  2. I love knitting socks out of her yarn! You are right about the
    stripes. I don’t remember seeing this colorway! Your photos are terrific!!

  3. I opened your page and the first thing that came to my mind when I saw those socks is “Jingle Bells”. I love them….such fun!

  4. Love the socks and the background is perfect! When you make your picot edge socks do you knit to the recipient’s measurement or do you factor in some negative ease?

  5. They’re lovely and it’s a little sad to think they’ll be tucked away, but a future gift for yourself is the most excellent of ideas!

  6. Love the socks! And, the yarn you used is new to me–there will probably be a run on it afterthis post.

    P.S. Don’t do a Jo and put them in a “safe” place from which they will never surface again!

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