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TTL Mystery Socks 2012

If you are knitting a pair of  Through the Loops Mystery Socks for 2012 and you haven’t worked your way through all three of the already released clues, you may want to look away now because I’m about to show you my socks and I don’t want to ruin the surprise for you.

Everyone that is still here wants to see these, right?

Here they are. I’ve got the cuff, leg, heel flap and heel turn done on both socks and I love this pattern. Sure, it’s kind of a pain in the ass to knit with all those twisted stitches and bobbles. And it’s definitely not one I would choose on my own because of all those twisted stitches and bobbles and the paying-attention-to-the-pattern that comes with knitting them but I am loving the way they look.

The texture is amazing and the design is lovely.

As for the yarn, it’s Woolen Rabbit’s Pearl Sock in the color Pussywillow. It’s a tricky color to capture but I think it’s most accurate in the 3rd photo. You should recognize it from this post. And also this post. Those Gentlemen’s Socks just didn’t do it for me so they were frogged and the yarn has been repurposed for these mystery socks.

I think I made an excellent choice.

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  1. Pretty! I just picked up my yarn for this project and hope to get it going this weekend. I’m always woefully behind. I like your color much more than the one I chose (purple). So classic. They look like a lot of fun!

  2. I have started TTL sock but only have one cuff finished! My sock knitting is so slow, but I had hoped to finish one sock before months end. Oh well, I can see how pretty yours are going to be! I’m also using WR yarn, it’s heavenly.

  3. For sure, they are gorgeous. It’s a shame I can’t think of any winter dressing combo that would show them off as they deserve to be appreciated.

    It’s below zero today and socks will be important, but unseen!

  4. those are stunning. the color is perfect to show off the stitches. and I smile thinking about those pretty socks on your feet, likely hidden by pants and shoes…like lingerie for your toes!

  5. I am knitting these too. Yours are beautiful the bobbles pop so much more than mine. I agree that it is not a pattern I would have picked on my own but I love getting it in little installments and I can not wait for the next clue on Sunday.

  6. The mystery pattern reminds me of the Art Deco design details on the front of an Iowa bank building of my childhood. Which is to say I like them a lot!

  7. Carole

    i think you made a great choice with the yarn. It shows off the pattern so nicely. You are an accomplished knit girl… Idont’ think I have that skill level going.

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