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TTL Mystery Socks 2012

I finished the Through the Loops Mystery Socks on January 31 which just happened to be my self imposed deadline. Knitting them both at the same time (but definitely not on the same needle!) really helped me get through them in a month’s time. It also meant I avoided second sock syndrome which just may have been an issue with these since it’s a fairly complex pattern. Wanna see?

Yes, they are awesome but they are loaded with bobbles and twisted stitches and cables.

How about a closer look at the bobbles on the legs? They combine to form the shape of a beautiful flower.

And then the stems meander down the legs and make a beautiful pattern on the heels. The yarn, as I said in my other post about these socks, is Woolen Rabbit’s Pearl Sock in the color Pussywillow. It is really hard to capture this color accurately but I did my best.

The foot is the reverse of the leg so that you can look down at the pretty flowers when you are wearing the socks. I just love the meandering cables and the way the purl stitches really make them pop.

Finally, the toe is finished with a few more smaller leaves and they set off the rest of the design beautifully.

I couldn’t say it until now but these socks were never meant for me, they were a birthday gift for my dear friend Blogless Sharon. I gave them to her the other night at spinning and she promptly modeled them and declared them amazing, beautiful, and perfect.

It’s no coincidence that those are the same words I would use to describe her.

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  1. Carole, these socks are drop dead gorgeous! I can’t imagine working bobbles on small needles. Pussywillow colorway just keeps me thinking spring is on its way or at least I hope so!

  2. Those are absolutely stunning socks — like little works of art! Sharon is right — amazing, beautiful, and perfect!

  3. I have nothing original to say. Just add my “gorgeous”! I am struggling through a simple lace pattern on a pair of socks. I’ve either had a stroke, or I’m mildly disabled in some other way. It just isn’t going well!

  4. Lucky girl! My birthday’s next week. Just sayin’. 🙂

    I only have one cuff and a small portion of leg done. But we hit the road next weekend, so I suppose I should make them my focus. Pussywillow was so perfect for this pattern; it makes me want to save my purple yarn for a different project and order some today!

  5. Those are some incredibly beautiful socks! Lucky, lucky friend!

    I ALWAYS knit my socks and mittens in tandem on dp’s. Otherwise, the second items rarely gets done!

  6. Those socks are truly a work of art. And WAY more complicated than I would ever knit. I tried a lace pattern with a pair of socks once, and it ended in tears and frogging. Now my socks are plain vanilla with a rib. But I LOVE watching YOU knit complicated socks. 🙂

  7. Fabulous! I couldn’t do the Mystery Sock this year as I am otherwise occupied in January … but I do like that pattern.

  8. Beautiful! I was just getting ready to say how happy they will make you when you wear them. But I think it will make you even happier to know your dear friend is wearing them.

  9. In years past I’ve knit the mystery sock as you did, two at a time, but there year I just never could get even one sock to move very quickly. I am just past the flowers at the top of the leg. Seeing how lovely your socks are I will keep working and, hopefully, have a pair finished sometime this year. The color you choose is subtle and shows off the pattern beautifully! There could be no better gift than a pair of handknit socks!

  10. Those socks are so pretty and intricate it’s a shame to cover up the foot with shoes. Only sock knitters would appreciate all the work involved in creating them. I’m sure your friend loves them. I am forever giving away the socks I knit. You should make a pair for yourself too.

  11. you’re a better woman than I am– it would have been tough to give these beauties away. Normally, I don’t care for bobbles, but these look wonderful. Hugs, Jo

  12. I have yet to try to knit socks, and when and if I do, it will be with a much less intricate pattern. But those are just BEAUTIFUL! You did a fantastic job. I can see why your friend loved them.

  13. Those look amazing. TTL never disappoints with her mystery sock. It’s not a pattern I would’ve chosen otherwise but as a mystery pattern it totally worked. You did a great job of marrying the yarn and pattern too.

  14. They are beautiful and you are a beautiful ,wonderful, generous friend! ps; I wore them all day yesterday and they are so soft.luv ya

  15. Love the socks. I’m on the leg of sock one, just started it on Monday. I am sure second sock syndrome is going to hit but at least I will have the pattern mostly figured out so that it should be easier the second time through.

  16. Those are amazing socks. I’m working a fairly boring pair right now, but that’s OK. I don’t need all of my socks to be stunners. Maybe if she is selling the pattern, I can knit these later. They would be worth the effort.

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