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Bearfoot Socks

I have a new pair of finished socks to show you today.

They are a simple sock, entirely different from those fancy socks I showed you last week.

2×2 ribbing on the legs and top of the foot makes a very snug and comfortable fit.

The yarn is Mountain Colors Bearfoot that’s been marinating in my stash for ages – I  bought it when I visited Norma a gazillion years ago. It’s fuzzy and a little bit thicker than most sock yarns. The colors are fantastic.

And a new pair of socks – plain or fancy – is also fantastic.


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  1. Two pairs of socks and it’s only mid February! I think you are right on track to knit 12 pair in 2012! Must admit my chilly feet sang out for hand knit socks yesterday 🙂

  2. Socks look great. The 2×2 rib going down the legs and top of
    the foot are one of my favorites. Love the colorway!!

  3. Neat colors and gentle striping in your ‘Wilderness’! I should dig out mine (Ruby River) from the back of the closet.

  4. Geez! That was quick!! 2×2 are my ultimate favorite fit. And Mountain Colors! Nicely done, Carole. Now just don’t do what I did with my Mountain Colors socks – felted them! Oy! Happy Day to you.

  5. You are going great guns there. I haven’t even finished my first pair of socks for 2012 from January!

    I love the colors. I’ve never tried the bearfoot before. At one point I considered it outside of my price range and now I just have a harder time finding it.

  6. Love them! The colors are great and they look so warm and cozy. I’m such a knit-slacker lately 🙁 Gotta get back on track!

  7. Yum, MC Bearfoot. Believe it or not I made a whole stranded color work shawl from Bearfoot.

    Your socks look great. Have you tried them on your feet yet? Bearfoot feels wonderful worn as socks, I think.

  8. Love the socks, the yarn, etc. and am inspired to make some straight forward socks myself — great stash busters! Oooh, you met Norma!!!??? I love her blog and her irreverant opinions and links. She had a link to a blog called Margaret and Helen which takes on the wackiness in our politics and society in a way that just blows me away!

  9. Both pairs, fancy and ribbed, are utterly gorgeous. I haven’t picked up my needles yet in 2012, but your beautiful socks are getting me motivated to do so!

  10. Beautiful! I love MC’s Bearfoot! It’s such a luscious yarn. The colors are gorgeous – who needs a fancy stitch pattern when you have colors like those!

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