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One Vacation Photo

We are home safe and sound from our Cape Cod Vacation 2011. Hurricane Irene did cut our trip short by one day but I won’t hold a grudge since we seem to have made it through the storm relatively unscathed.

I have loads of pictures to process and lots of stories to tell you but for now I hope you’ll be satisfied with this picture I took on the beach last week.

That’s my idea of heaven, right there.




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  1. So beautiful! Can’t wait to hear (and see!) more. I remember one vacation we had to the Outer Banks. It was beautiful the entire time we were there — beautiful skies, big (BIG) waves — it was all perfect. And then we were evacuated. . .

  2. An empty beach in August? Was that because of Irene?

    It’s a beautiful shot, Carole. My idea of heaven as well!! Welcome home.

  3. Can’t tell you how glad I am to hear all is well. You have been on my mind throughout the storm.

    Does this change your plan to take your annual vacation the last week in August? le sigh!

  4. I LOVE the beach and the ocean! It’s the perfect spot for a vacation. I concur with some of the others who have commented – it is MOST unusual to see an EMPTY beach!! Glad you enjoyed the time you had.

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