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Ten on Tuesday

We had a bit of a weather event (more on it later this week when I get some photos processed) and from that event came the idea for this week’s Ten on Tuesday Topic: 10 Ways to Prepare for a Big Storm.

  1. Pay attention to the news reports. Dale thinks they exaggerate and create hype but I trust my guys at ABC News. They are not alarmists but they do take storms seriously and I feel like they offer the best information in my area.
  2. Find your flashlights and make sure they have batteries that work. I assume you already have flashlights but if you don’t, get some.
  3. Gather your candles and matches. I have lots of candles but they are scattered around the house. The lanterns we use for Civil War reenacting are great during a power outage but they live in our storage trailer so they need to be brought into the house – preferably before the power goes out and we are left in the dark.
  4. Make sure you have food for the pets. One time I had to resort to feeding Mason tuna when we ran out of cat food during a snow storm. He didn’t mind but the price point was an issue for me.
  5. Secure the stuff in your yard like lawn furniture and plants. Bring in your bird feeders.
  6. Stock up on booze and beer. I know, it’s frivolous but a cocktail helps ease the pain of being without the Internets.
  7. Charge the things that need to be charged. iPhones, iPads, Kindles, and the like won’t work if they aren’t fully charged.
  8. Check your stock of non-perishable goods. I usually have plenty of canned vegetables, rice, soup and more but it’s good to double check so that you don’t run out of things to eat.
  9. Turn up your fridge and freezer. This will help it stay cold longer if the power does go out. And, if the power does go out, don’t open that fridge unless you absolutely have to get something.
  10. Fill your car’s gas tank. You don’t want to be out of gas and have the pumps not working because there’s no electricity at the gas station.
Being prepared can make all the difference when it comes to weathering a big storm!

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  1. A few more tips are have the emergency numbers in your cell phone. Power and Heat numbers are good to have.

    Make sure you have water to flush. It’s not as important in the city, but in the country when power is out, there is no water.

  2. great tips – especially the one about a full gas tank! and I’m in complete agreement about the booze – not frivolous at all (hence my #9 – easy knitting 🙂

  3. All great – add paper products (plates, cups, TP), medications, and cash.

    In Louisiana we stock up every spring, anticipating hurricanes hitting us.

  4. Having grown up in earthquake country, i’d add drinking water to the list. Also refill any medications. I hope ypu weathered this storm well, Carole.

  5. My list is more things to do in the storm, but with most of the storms I’ve been in going bonkers was a greater concern than the actual weather itself.

  6. All very good things. I have never thought to turn my fridge and freezer up before a power outage but it makes perfect sense! And one must have books to read and adult beverages in the middle of a storm – no tv, no internet, … things could get ugly otherwise.

  7. And get one of those miners’ headlamp thingies (LLBean or even Radio Shack.) I got one for reading in bed at night, and it has proved to be invaluable during our frequent power outages.

  8. I’m with Stephanie; I never thought to turn up the fridge & freezer, though I did try to keep them closed as much as possible. Great list!

  9. These are great tips! Sometimes it feels like there is no winning for the newscasters and government officials (I was being lazy and typed in govt which my IPad changed to GLBT…apparently, it’s smarter than I am). If there weren’t enough precautions they would have been reamed for lack of preparation, but since the storm weakened, some are saying they overreacted. Go figure! Hope you rode it out with plenty to eat, plenty of adult beverages, and other creature comforts, including a warm kitty on your lap. Jo

  10. Great list but I’m surprised no one mentioned a battery powered radio (or one of those emergency ‘crank’ types).

    I would add a big roll of plastic and duck tape (for the fallen tree branch through the window type of emergency) .

    A few other things: your (home) insurance agent’s phone number on your cell phone speed dial, a wet-dry vacuum.

    Also, before the storm check out your hot water heater. Ours has a valve so we can drain water out and into a bucket. Your hot water heater is a pretty big source of water (for washing, flushing toliets etc) during an outage but you need to know how to get the water out.

    In a perfect life I would go into a storm with the plastic/duct tape, a chain saw filled with gas and a generator with lots of fuel.
    But I guess in a perfect life there wouldn’t be severe storms.

  11. Great list as always. I agree that you need to find a news channel that you feel you can trust and gives the most accurate information, especially when it comes to storms. During Hugo we were told, ” you have approx 2 hrs. before you must leave,” then 5 minutes later they said, “if you haven’t left yet you are late. LEAVE NOW, I repeat, LEAVE NOW.” Talk about alarming.

  12. As I’m in NC, I had a very similar list for this past weekend!! Great tip about the fridge.. had not thought of that. Another good thing is to have some emergency cash on hand to use in place of debit/credit cards.

  13. Having grown up in Louisiana, hurricanes are quite familiar. Stock your freezer with ice before the storm. If the power goes out you won’t be sorry and if it doesn’t, you’re ready for your next party. Windup radio/light is very handy indeed. Glad you guys are okay!

  14. Excellent list. We’re fortunate to have a grill that will work so well when there is no power. During last blizzard it heated my water for coffee. When storms are on the way, I’m the only one in line at the market with a basket full of wine, cookies, snacks, etc. Someone once commented that I didn’t have any necessities – little did they know. I merely pointed out that I prefer comfort food and with enough wine, I didn’t care if I ran out of TP.

  15. I would add to check your insurance policies *before* the storm and see what your coverage is … keep in mind that you can’t increase/add coverage once a storm warning is in effect!! Knowing ahead of time that you’ve got coverage for tree/debris removal and other storm-related claims will help ease your mind when the wind is blowin’ 🙂

  16. And if you don’t have flood insurance? Act now. It takes 30 days to take effect.
    Having lived thru a 100-year flood before…the places you don’t think will flood usually surprise you.

    Knitting. If you’re sewing, keep plenty ready to cut out and pin to have ready to sew when the power comes back.

    My standby? Peanut butter, honey, good bread, and crackers.
    Excellent ideas, ALL!

  17. Having just got my power back on in NC and with another storm coming..I would add gas powered grill with an extra canister. Around here they listed:
    Fill tank/meds/important papers and Ins policies/cash/Pet shot record and papers (to get in a shelter if needed) and a plan where to meet family if leaving from different sites…we will see what happens next week

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