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I Know, I Know

Last week Kym asked “how do YOU know it’s fall?” Well. I know because of routines and weather and feelings. I know because:

  • I cut off my friendship bracelets. I’ve been wearing these since early July but they seem a little frivolous for the month of September.
  • the alarm clock is once again waking us up at 5am. Dale is back to driving the little darlins to school and that means I’m back to riding to work with him. It saves gas but that doesn’t make it much more palatable.
  • I have needed a jacket when leaving the house at 6am. I may have actually needed a jacket at 6am earlier than now but since it was summer I didn’t have to leave the house that flipping early, therefore the temperature at 6am was irrelevant.
  • There are loads of ads for new TV shows. And teasers for returning shows. There’s a lot of overkill where this is concerned.
  • We are empty nesters again. We have already gone to the movies twice and are enjoying our relaxed scheduled but it’s definitely a sign that it’s fall.
  • Boy Scouts is starting. This means I get my Monday nights back, something I love.
  • Football is back. Now that I like football I actually care about this and the Patriots are playing their first regular season game tonight. Are you ready for some football? I sure am!
That’s how I know it’s fall. What about you? How do YOU know it’s fall?

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  1. That special way coffe tastes on crisp mornings! And the fact that my knitting no longer seems to stick to my fingers!

  2. I know fall is coming when I spend the last beach weekend with my girlfriends. The time is always the weekend after Labor Day and most of the 11 years have been bright, warm & sunny. However, the Sunday morning sitting on the beach is usually cooler with a breeze off the water… fall is coming.

  3. It’s not as hot and humid and I can breathe easier when I walk outside. (Although there are lots of people suffering from allergies here right now.) And I wore jeans the other day!

  4. Fall!!!! My FAVORITE season! (Unfortunately, we seem to get it a tad later than the rest of the country!) We did have a couple days that managed to creep OUT of the 80s and I celebrated–with a bit of fall decorating, a LOT of fall yarn ordering!!, and an insane about of random casting on…….love, love, love fall!!!

  5. I know it’s fall, even though it will hit the 90’s today in Iowa, because this am as I was dropping kids off the leaves were dropping from the cotton wood trees and swirling through the air. Makes me want to hunker down in the ac and knit today!

  6. Oh Carole–leaving the house at 6:00 a.m. That was standard for me in my teaching days, but now it’s rare for me to even be up at that hour. It did make it seem like fall, so that’s a small loss–lol! In Colorado, the golden Aspens in the mountains are a sure sign of fall. I spent the weekend in the mountains at a knitting retreat and there were hints of fall color to come. We used to routinely get a first frost by mid-September, but now it’s unlikely until October. Jo

    P.S. loved the caprese!

  7. I love the warm, dry days and cool nights of September. Fall is my favorite season. I was born and married in September and as a kid couldn’t wait to go back to school. And sweater weather is right around the corner. 🙂

  8. What is this “fall” of which you speak? I do not recognize fall (not yet, anyway.) OK, really — the air is warm, the sky is blue, the beach still beckons, but the quality of the light changes in an indefinable way.

  9. Dan gearing up for curling season, a trip to the orchard netted apples/pears/peaches, i want to cook a roast beef and — the “football widows knitting club” met yesterday for the first time.

  10. I love how the lighting is different in the afternoon. We’re planting lettuce and other greens too. I love fall, but it also means I’m back to school.

  11. I took off my bracelets yesterday – but I just could not take the ankle one off quite yet. Apples! I had the best one today that I bought at the farmers market on Saturday, crisp and delicious!

  12. Cut mine off too 🙁 The end of summer is so sad. But Fall makes me think of my favorite holiday EEEVER: Halloween!!! And right now Virginia is chock full of autumn festivals too. Wine festival next weekend. Must Find Babysitter. ASAP.
    (oh and we’re just getting closer month by month to paris!)

  13. WEll I did NOT know if was fall today. We spend the 80 degree sunny windy day on our friends pontoon boat, fishing . All day. It was summery!
    I know it is fall when: I see candy corn for sale at Walgreens

    possibly your lamest answer!

  14. I know it’s fall because the horses are shedding their summer coats and are starting to get their winter ones. Also, the birds have started flocking. It seems to go by too quickly!

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