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Starting College Version 2.0

On Saturday my beautiful baby girl turned 19. 19? 19! How on earth did that happen?

We celebrated with a family cook out. We had burgers and dogs, corn on the cob, pimiento cheese spread (yummmmm!) and cupcakes. It was also a going away party because . . .

On Sunday my beautiful baby girl become a college sophomore. I know this goes hand in hand with the turning 19 thing but still, how on earth did that happen?

Her dorm, which is actually not the dorm she originally chose, is lovely. It sits in the center of campus and has so much character.

The brick and stonework is beautiful and it has it’s own courtyard. It’s a large building but Hannah’s room is at the end of a hall and tucked around a little corner, which I think is a great location.

She has a beautiful view of the college green and I’m hoping she will grow to love being centrally located. We helped her set her room up on Sunday, rearranging desks and beds and tables, trying to make everything fit and look cozy and coordinated before her roommate arrived on Monday.

It was nice to see that she brought some many decorative things from home, like these pinwheels that were leftover from Dale’s big birthday party.

And the little owl that I got from Emily last year. The owl is her school’s mascot and I just couldn’t resist  tucking this into one of her care packages. I think it makes her smile and since it’s hand knit I hope it reminds her of her mom.

Leaving her behind this year was a much easier experience than last year. She’s got a wonderful roommate, she’s already been cast in a play for the fall, and she’s got a positive outlook to get her through any rough patches. Sure, I choked up a bit when I hugged her goodbye – I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t.

But seeing her beautiful smile as she waved to us from her window made me certain that she’s got a great year ahead of her.

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  1. It all seems to go so fast! You blink and they are seniors. The campus looks lovely and Hannah seems to have found her niche in campus life. Wish her the best!

  2. Her dorm is very nice. She looks very happy and I am sure
    she will have a good year. She seems very mature and mapping out a plan for her future looks like it comes very easy for her.
    Good luck Hannah. Mom is so proud of you!!

  3. oh you got some great photos! (and I choked up reading your post – empathy is wonderful!) I get to see Sara tonight for dinner – the advantage of having her just 45 minutes away!!

  4. Beautiful post, Carole! It’s such an emotional thing. . . leaving them. It does get a little easier, with time. But there’s always that empty place. (It is touching to see what they choose to take from home. Erin was big on those little things that reminded her of “home” and “Mom.” Brian? Not so much. But I did notice he took his minion!)

  5. Wow, another year already! (I have to tell you that reading your post made me feel kind of sick since I’ll be doing this for the first time before I know it!) I loved being centrally located in my dorm sophomore year. It wasn’t one of the new dorms but being close to everything was great!

  6. Thanks for sharing that. Hannah clearly has wonderful grace and it looks like this will be a great year for her. We return our daughter to college this coming Sunday, so I totally relate to your post.

  7. I appreciate the positive energy in this post! We’re in the “which college is perfect, but can parents afford it?” stage. Lots of anxiety and stress. It’s nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hannah looks confident and radiant! Good job to you both!

  8. I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes. She has changed so much in the last year – Jill is right “confident and radient” and so grown up! Best wishes to Hannah.

  9. 19? Ouch! How DID that happen? I’m struggling with my daughter turning 16 today. They grow up so fast. Yet we don’t age at all. Amazing…

    She looks so happy there. I’m glad its going so well for all of you.

  10. Time definitely passes too quickly. Seems each year goes by more quickly than the last. I’m not quite sure how it happens that our kids get so much older, since we’re obviously not aging at all 😉 And ahem, I was good ’til that last shot of her peeking out the window at you …

  11. My baby will turn 29 this December. I remember leaving her in her dorm room 11 years ago. She said “I don’t think I want to stay here” as we prepared to leave….she survived and we did too as we drove the 5 miles across town to home. She came home every weekend the first several months!!! She now lives 2 hrs away and comes home once a month while we visit in between!

  12. My DS2 goes to school in AL, which is a loooong way from NH. DH has always made the drive with him so I have been spared that particular leaving them behind feeling. I just have to watch him drive away, although hard, I think it’s easier than leaving them. It looks like she’s a happy girl there though and I’m sure that she’ll make you very proud!

  13. I think that’s one of the best locations on campus!! I have a little knit owl made by a friend that I keep on my desk, too! Sounds like her year is off to a great start!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday Hannah! Happy Sophmore Year! We dropped off Dan last week – second time was a little easier.

  15. What a fun post. I’m right there with you… We’re 3 weeks in and my girl is happy as the preverbal clam. Sounds like your girl will have a wonderful year!

  16. Corner rooms are the best- more room in them, though if in the stairwell can be a bit noisy. Seeing that she’s on the first floor it should be minimal. I love that she took Dale’s b-day pinwheels. So cheerful. Best wishes Hannah for another wonderful year!

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