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Dish Rag Tag V

I have participated in something called Dish Rag Tag for the past 5 years. It’s a knitting relay race that involves getting a box with a dish rag and some other goodies in it, knitting a new dish rag and then sending it along to the next member of your team. It spans all 50 states and has 11 teams of 10 knitters each this year. And it’s fun!

I often forget to blog about it because I get in a sort of frenzy when that box arrives at my house. I clear the decks so that I can immediately get that dish rag knit and get the box back in the mail. This year, for the first time ever, I was able to provide same day turn around for my team. That’s right – I got the box, knit the dish rag, and mailed it to the next knitter all in the same day. Yay me!

I even remembered to take a picture of my dish rag before I mailed it off. I can’t show you much detail and I can’t share the pattern because the competition is still going strong, but I can tell you it’s a good one and I’ll be making it again once the race is finished. That stitch marker you see is one of the prizes my team won the year Emily called the race Son of Dish Rag Tag.

While team glory is nice (I placed 3rd the first time I raced, 2nd the 2nd time, and 1st the 3rd time so I’ve gotten some pretty good prizes over the years) the prezzies are also nice. Those are my goodies, sent to me by Jo-Ann, the team member knitting just prior to me. Good stuff, eh?

A knitting relay race is a fun time. If you ever get the chance to race in one you should go for it!


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  1. I’m doing DRT again this year. I had to miss a couple years, but did a same-day turn around last time I participated. It’s really exciting! Can’t wait for the box to get to me.

  2. Hey Iim DRT V ing too. I hope I can do the pattern. I m worried I’ll be hung up on the pattern and take too long to move it along….
    Last time I played we lost power for 2 days…..I knit my dishrag by candlelight and was a stressed out mess!!!!! I can knit it right? Emily says its so do able.

  3. My friend Zonda is playing too. She got a fun box of goodies too and the pattern is adorable. Congrats on the 1 day turnaround! That’s amazing. Good luck to your team!

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