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Sharon And Her Animals

My wonderful friend Blogless Sharon is a lover of animals. Over the years she has had a plethora of furry creatures come in and out of her life and she’s a sucker for a charity case or an animal in need of rescue.

She has sheep and alpacas, cows and pigs and chickens, dogs and cats, and bunnies.

Most recently, she rescued a pair of goats named Millie and Molly. I have no idea which one this is but they are both beautiful and sweet. And they are cashmere. Ahem.

Last year she rescued some alpacas and added to her little herd. Turns out that 2 of the females she rescued were pregnant but Sharon didn’t know. You know that tv show I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant? It’s like that only with alpacas. Anyway, because no one knew these poor girls were pregnant they didn’t get the proper care and sadly, one of the baby alpacas died almost immediately.

This other one, though, despite her problems, continues to cling to life. Her name is Snuffles and she’s very sweet and tiny. She’s got some issues but we are cautiously hopeful.

The rest of the alpacas are beautiful and thriving and so well cared for now that they live with Sharon.

They have beautiful eyes.

And funny expressions like this one. I call it Who YOU Lookin’ At?

They also have very beautiful fleece which I’m hoping one day Sharon will have so much of that she’s forced to share.

Just sayin’.



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  1. Thank goodness for Sharon and her ability to give rescues and others a wonderful and safe home. I am so sad to hear one of the babies died. I really hope Snuffles makes it despite her birth defect.

  2. Oh! Hugs to Sharon! I’m so glad she has the space – and the heart – for her rescue work. Such beautiful animals! (Grow, Snuffles!!!)

  3. Babes are so delicate and fragile. My heart aches to hear one didn’t make it. May the remaining cria grow strong and well. Sharon is a dear heart to rescue and care for the animals so well. May she have hours of joy from them and their fleeces.

  4. I truly believe that our back yard would be improved by several alpacas but, sadly, our housemates feel the opposite (and we are beset with coyotes.) Sharon’s are so sweet — I hope they thrive.

  5. Dear friend thank you for such a lovely tribute. Guess what birthday girl. You get to pick a bag of fleece for your birthday. Feel the love

  6. I see BloglessSharon has commented already! That’s a sign of true friendship, being willing to share your homegrown fleece!

  7. Blogless Sharon is a good soul. Rescuing animals, even pregnant ones that she didn’t know were pregnant! Sounds like she might have more fleece than she knows what to do with … ahem … fellow spinners who are close by might be able to help with that. Just sayin’!

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