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Ten On Tuesday

Sometimes the topics for our weekly Ten on Tuesday meme come easily, sometimes I have to really think hard to come up with something. Sometimes the topics are well received and fun to write and sometimes coming up with a list of 10 things is like pulling teeth. I think this one will be a winner but I’ve been wrong before. Nevertheless, everyone should be able to get on board with 10 Things You Do Every Day because, well, we all do stuff every day.

  1. Brush my teeth. Pretty much as soon as my feet hit the floor because I abhor morning breath.
  2. Drink coffee. Usually it’s only 2 cups for me but it’s occasionally more. And I definitely do this every day.
  3. Raise the shades in the bedroom. I’m approaching this in chronological order, can you tell?
  4.  Read email, check Facebook, check Google Reader. Truly, this is as essential as coffee.
  5. Watch TV. I always watch the news in the morning, I dvr The View every day, and our evenings are quite often spent watching our favorite shows.
  6. Eat. I try and make healthy choices, I try to watch my portion size, and I try to stop eating when I’m full. It’s a struggle, though, because I love to eat delicious food.
  7. Take at least one photo. I’m 3/4 of the way through my second year of Project 365. Taking a daily photo is pretty routine at this point.
  8. Use my iPhone. I don’t necessarily make a call every day but there’s usually texting, or checking Toodledo, of Facebook, or one of the many other apps that makes me refer to my iPhone as my precious.
  9. Knit. Yes, every day unless I’m too sick and even then I’m likely to at least hold my knitting needles in my lap.
  10. Sleep. Sometimes getting into my bed at night and snuggling up next to Dale is the best part of my day.
It was neat to think about things I do every day vs. things I do several times a week. I hope you all enjoyed it, too.

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  1. fun topic – I spun mine a bit differently, so thank you for the inspiration! I love that you’re nearly done with 2 years of daily photos. I hope I can stick with it longer than one year this next time!

  2. My work life has been very stressful this year. For sanity’s sake, I’ve been pouring a glass of wine every evening. At least it’s not an Irish coffee every morning. Hm. Now there’s an idea…

  3. i enjoyed the topic! fun to think about what you really do every day. ironically i forgot to add sleep to my list (which i never forget to do!!).

  4. My list is very similar to yours. I might have to add yelling at my children in the morning, as that seems to be an everyday occurence lately, hehe! One thing that I definitely try to do everyday is say, “I love you!” to hubby … he deserves to know 😉

  5. Well, there are things I actually do every day and then the things I wish I did every day. My precious…what a hoot. Guess my iPad would fit that category for me. Jo

  6. I love that you call your iPhone my precious. I recently got an iPad and it’s totally addicting. I love the thing.

    I wish I could say that I knit every day but not right now. I hope that I’ll get back to that place again.

  7. You get so much accomplished before you even leave the house! What time do you get up girl?

    Great topic. I even participated this week!

  8. My list would be similar except for # 7&8. No, “my precious” in my household and my photography is suspect. Would have to add feed the cat and let him in, then out, then in, then out….. Unless it’s winter 🙂

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