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Ten On Tuesday

Dale and I went to a lovely wedding this past weekend and it got me to thinking about how much I love weddings. And then I got to thinking about how lots of people love weddings. And that got me to decide on this week’s Ten on Tuesday topic, 10 Things You Love About Weddings.

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  1. Love. It’s the reason for the whole event and it’s so wonderful to just be in the midst of all that love.
  2. Flowers. I love colorful bouquets and centerpieces. I love the style of bouquet that’s fashionable right now, too, with the stems cut evenly across and then wrapped in beautiful ribbon. Remember those awful plastic bouquet holders with the ruffled lace around the edges? Thank goodness those went away!
  3. The wedding gown. I’m a sucker for a princess style dress with a full skirt but I think anything the bride loves is going to be perfect. That said, I’m tired of strapless wedding gowns and I’d like to see more variety in the necklines.
  4. Pictures. I love to take pictures at weddings. I’m better at capturing the small moments and details than I am at portraits and group shots but I’m learning.
  5. Open bar. I just love when there’s an open bar at a wedding. Ahem.
  6. Cake. when I was little my mother taught me to bring home a slice of wedding cake and put it under my pillow. She said I would dream of my future husband. Now that I’m married I just eat the cake and that’s less messy and more enjoyable.
  7. Dancing. Slow songs, waltzes, disco and line dances, it’s all part of the fun.
  8. Little details. Hand lettered place cards, special favors, bows on chairs, baskets of necessities in the ladies room, it’s all those little details that add up to a great wedding.
  9. Reminiscing. It’s inevitable that Dale and I will wind up reminiscing about our own wedding when we are at a wedding. We always agree that ours was the best – just as every other couple probably does about their own wedding, too.
  10. Dressing up. I enjoy wearing a pretty dress and high heels and I really enjoy seeing Dale in his fancy clothes, too. I think the dressy clothes is part of what makes the day feel special.

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  1. our lists are almost identical – except the dancing part…I’m not a dancer (but weddings make me wish I were!)

  2. My niece got married last month. It was a great opportunity for the far-flung family to see each other at a joyous event (unlike at a funeral).

  3. What a lovely, upbeat post. some of the weddings I’ve attended of late have been funky, in the mountains events…a fun change from elegant city weddings. While I think the strapless gowns are so romantic and beautiful, anything can be overdone. Jo

  4. I think that putting wedding cake under your pillow works better with the old traditional Canadian wedding cake – fruit cake like you might make at Christmas. Perhaps this is a British tradition. These days young couples are going more for chocolate or lemon cake for their weddings.

  5. I love the hoopla that precedes the wedding – rehearsal dinner (party), all girl bridal-shower (party), tastings (more wine here too), fittings (w/drinks). BUT honestly, when all is said and done, I have a difficult time keeping my pragmatic inner voice from whispering about all the expense for one day. I guess I’m a big wedding Scrooge. I’ll try to see it through your eyes next time. 🙂

  6. I’m so with you on the strapless gowns that are in style now. I’d venture a guess that 95% of the dresses in bridal shops are strapless these days, and that’s not what I wanted, so it took some searching to find the right dress for me!

    Happy to hear that you got to practice your bridal photography some more!!!

  7. Love this list. We are going to a wedding in 3 weeks. The bride is the person who 19 years ago set me up on a blind date with my husband. It will be nice to see her have her time to walk down the aisle.

  8. It has been a long time since I’ve been to a wedding…but, I did come up with some reasons…

    Your reasons are really neat.

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